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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Season Seven: The Season Of Freedom and Choice

Welcome a brand new year! And with it, a brand new season: The McVie Show, now on season seven. A season doesn’t last a year, folks. It only takes me months before I get bored with the layout, get antsy and change things. Notice though how the changes between season six and seven aren’t too drastic: a shift from right to left, a new banner, additional intro. For some the changes are subtle; others will consider them inconsequential. What matters is that I see something new.

The start of 2008 is The Season Of Freedom and Choice. Will this be my underlying theme for the rest of the year? Maybe I’ll change mid-year—change theme, change season. Who knows? After all, the only thing constant is change.

And so to start the year, let me leave you with an early Oasis song:

I’m free to be whatever I,
Whatever I choose
And I’ll sing the blues if I want.
I’m free to say whatever I,
Whatever I like
If it’s wrong or right it’s alright.

Always seems to me
You only see what people want you to see.
How long’s it gonna be
Before we get on the bus
And cause no fuss?
Get a grip on yourself,
It don’t cost much.

Free to be whatever you,
Whatever you say
If it comes my way it’s alright.
You’re free to be wherever you,
Wherever you please
You can shoot the breeze if you want.

Here in my mind
You know you might find
Something that you,
You thought you once knew.
But now it’s all gone
And you know it’s no fun…
Yeah, I know it’s no fun…
Oh, I know it’s no fun.

Whatever you do,
Whatever you say,
Yeah I know it’s alright.

– “Whatever”, Oasis

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