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Friday, April 18, 2008

Commercial Muna!

They asked me to help publicize the following, so here it is.

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“Mirror, mirror, show to me him whose woman I will be.”

Tanghalang Ateneo opens its 30th season with a splash by mounting a stage version of Nick Joaquin’s May Day Eve, a tragic tale of love found and love forgotten in the patriarchal 19th century Philippines. Adapted for the stage by Alberto S. Florentino, May Day Eve moves from the blissful light of young love to the dark shadows of disillusionment.

Don Badoy Montiya, now a grandfather, visits his old house in Intramuros which assaults him with happy memories of his youth. At a homecoming party, he meets and falls in love with a feisty Agueda, who resists Badoy’s advances. But she learns that she’d be able to see her future spouse by reciting an incantation in front a mirror. To her surprise, Agueda sees Badoy’s image on the mirror. The couple marry and start a family. Don Badoy learns from his grandson that when she was alive, Agueda, has looked into the mirror and saw him as a devil. Badoy shares that he sees a witch every time he peers into the same mirror. Badoy reflects on the death of love.

Tanghalang Ateneo’s production retains the period and manner of the original text and reads the play as a swan song, or a final goodbye, of sorts. Professional stage actors work in tandem with student actors in bringing May Day Eve to life. Bodjie Pascua plays the older Badoy, while Gelo Brillantes acts out the part of the young Badoy. Nady Xavier plays the older Agueda while Ysabel Yuzon handles the role of the young Agueda. Naty Crame Rogers does a cameo appearance as Anastacia, the nanny who informs Agueda about the mirror, while student actors take their parts as friends of the young Badoy and Agueda. These are Jaru Hermano, Tito Cosejo, Samboy Lim, Crix Untalan, and Reige Arceo.

Performances will run for two weeks. The shows on May 7-10 will be in English while the shows on May 14-17 will be in Filipino (translation by Jerry Respeto). Ricardo Abad directs, Gino Gonzales does production design, and Voltaire de Jesus handles the lights design. For ticket information, contact Janelle Mupas at 09156410911.

“Mirror, mirror, show to me him whose woman I will be.” Find out whom in May.


Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Shet. I would have LOVED to see this. Plus, I haven't seen anything of Gino G's other than the Spoilarium set. Any chance for me to see his set design, McV?

Yes, I am a fan of Gino Gonzales... :-D

And is Samboy Lim's kid a good actor? Or cute even?

joelmcvie said...

@MARCUS: I think I can ask the production team for a photo of Gino's set, and I can easily post it here. Yes, I'm also a fan of Gino's work.

And Samboy Lim is cute, in a rolly-polly way. He's not the son of the basketball player, he's just a katukayo.