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Friday, April 04, 2008

You Only Got 4 Minutes To Watch The Video

Okay, so the lyrics become secondary to the visuals. For me, the sheer chutzpah performance of Madonna and Justin Timberlake saves this video—and makes the song listenable. (Or should I say watchable?) The energy of the two’s performance more than surpasses the energy of the song. Which makes Madonna truly an artist of the music video era.

(Okay, so your four minutes are up. Warner Brothers had YouTube pull it out. Awww.)

Like the song, the video isn’t groundbreaking. At least the two were successful in making it appear like they’re enjoying themselves.

(Thanks to Misterhubs for the Tweet.)


cant_u_read said...

hmph! greedy, that warner bros. company! :-(

Joel Pierre said...

"Like the song, the video isn’t groundbreaking. At least the two were successful in making it appear like they’re enjoying themselves."

I didn't realize you're actually a Madonna fan to get frustrated with her latest work. :)

It might seem like may appear like this is just a feel-good video, but it's very evident that the video utilizes a lot of symbols - most of which are clearly understandable for those who actually have seen Madge's recent plight and stand on issues about the world (e.g. war, global warming, terrorism, etc...). Whether you like the video or not, Madonna always makes her statement.

The video really gives me creeps due to its apocalyptic theme. For most people, though, it seemed that the darkness (symbolized by the black prism enveloping them) simply came upon them when they weren't paying attention, but were eating, shopping, clubbing or fucking. It makes wonder how much we actually 'choose' life and are conscious of it, and try to live well, versus simply moving along from day to day...which is quite a sobering thought.

To say that the video is groundbreaking (well, at least for me) is a big understatement. Special effects pa lang eh panalo na. I would really say it's her best video since "American Life".

Peace out!

joelmcvie said...

@JOEL PIERRE: If, for you, the special effects and the insight that "darkness can creep up on us anytime" is gasp-inducing, then good for you.

As for me, the "video crumpling like paper" effect is actually an old effect; the "exposed innards" even older. The visualization of darkness creeping up anytime was a whole lot creepier in Michael Gondry's "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", and that effect was achieved with less (expensive) special effects. And the insight that death or destruction can come anytime is old, as in Biblically old. That's why for me this video is just, "Okay, next please."