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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April 1

While most people go through April 1 playing pranks and making fools of others, the McVies gather to remember our late father. Four years ago he decided to pull the ultimate prank and quietly had a fatal heart attack while seated in our living room sofa. My mom thought he just fell asleep. When I called my boss to tell her I wasn’t coming to work that day, I had to preface my phone call with, “This isn’t an April Fool’s joke, ma’am, promise.”

It’s supposed to be the height of summer, and as I’m typing this it’s pouring cats and dogs outside. I still have to rush home to make it to a short prayer and dinner.

Daddy, you really know how to pull a prank of peculiar proportions.

Check out my April 08, 2004 entry here. (You will need to scroll down to the very end, then read upwards.)

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P.S. – I actually made in time despite the heavy traffic. And my sister who’s in Singapore was with us oncam via Skype, so we were all complete once again. Thanks, Daddy.

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