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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Conversations With McAbunda

I met M in Bed more than a year ago; sometime after that he added me in his ***** social networking site.

Recently I bumped into him at the gym. “Hey, so you’ve met my ex already,” he greeted me, with a smile that insinuated that I knew that fact all along.

Dude, I don’t read minds, I wanted to tell him (yes, he talks and sounds like he uses “dude” all the time even if he never uttered it once during our conversation). Instead I asked him who his ex was.

“Si E,” he replied.

“Oh!” I said. “You mean the current boyfriend of P?”

He nodded. “That’s E. I saw him in your ***** account. The can’t-stay-faithful E.”

Ooooooh! Chizmaxx itu! I feigned ignorance even though I was truly ignorant. “Oh wow. I don’t think P knows about that side of E!”

M shrugged and said, “Well, I hope that P makes an honest man out of E.”

“Er, I think so,” I guessed. “I see in P’s ***** account that they’re often together in out of town trips.”

M’s eyebrows raised. “E is always out of town, or out of the country. And whenever he’s out, he goes to, erm, certain places.”

I just nodded, mulling over the info.

M shifted his tone. “As I’ve said, I hope P makes an honest man out of E.”

My turn to twist the intrigue level up a notch; I asked, “Why? What makes you think P’s been honest so far, hmmm?”

M’s eyes gleamed. “Ooooooh?! Really?” he practically squealed.

Dude, I have no idea and frankly I don’t care. Instead I backpedaled and said, “I really don’t know.”

But honestly, a part of me wonders.

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