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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Famous Last Words

Remember P? He’s the 23-yr old who’s seeing a 38-yr old guy (who has a son in first-year college). To refresh your memory, click here.

The following is an update.

* * * * *

14 May 2008 / via IM

2:16:59 PM mcvie: kamusta na may-december affair mo? ;-)
2:17:13 PM p: magdi-dinner kami tonight
2:17:35 PM mcvie: any progress? or it's just more of the status quo?
2:18:14 PM p: gusto ko na siyang kausapin
2:18:29 PM mcvie: and the talk will be about what? :-)
2:19:27 PM p: kung may patutunguhan ba itong relasyon na ito bluntly put
2:19:35 PM mcvie: i see. pero siyempre hindi ganyan ka-blunt ang pag-bring up mo, sana naman :-D
2:20:26 PM p: hindi we speak, i am thinking of what to say
2:32:39 PM p: im gonna start with asking if he still has issues
2:33:27 PM mcvie: eh kung sabihin niyang wala na?
2:34:05 PM p: i'll ask him if wala na talaga or he's just being cautious?
2:34:09 PM mcvie: tanong kita: maniniwala ka ba sa sagot na yun?
2:34:15 PM p: hindi
2:34:53 PM mcvie: well, you can ask him na bakit feeling mo hindi pa kayo tulad ng dati
2:35:08 PM p: exactly what im thinking
2:35:28 PM p: hindi naman siguro niya ikagagalit yun diba?
2:35:39 PM mcvie: puwede siyang magalit or mainis at least
2:35:44 PM mcvie: puwede ring hindi
2:35:54 PM mcvie: it's really a chance you take eh
2:36:25 PM mcvie: kung ayaw mo mag-take ng chance, eh di wag ka na magtanong, hehehe
2:36:35 PM mcvie: but i bet you're dying to ask him
2:36:40 PM p: i am
2:36:53 PM p: if it’s the last thing i do

15 May 2008 / via SMS

12:30 AM P: We didn’t talk about it. But we had sex. ;-)

* * * * *

I couldn’t answer the text because I left my phone in the car. But had I the chance, I would have said: “Oh, so you had your words for dinner pala. :-)” With matching smiley face.

Seriously now. Friend P, of course everything I’ve said about your situation is just me second-guessing. I only hear your story; I’ve never even seen him personally, much less observed how you two interact together. In the end, it’s up to you; you are whom he interacts with. It’s just unfortunate that the person who’s in the best position to “judge” his actions and motivations is also the most unqualified, since you have vested interest in him.

Just keep your eyes open.


P said...

who doesn't want a good sex? hahaha!

but on a serious note, thanks to you friend for letting me see the bigger picture. trust me i take every word you tell me and i keep my eyes open.

it takes a lot to courage on my part. but you know that i have plans so let's keep our fingers crossed. :)

cant_u_read said...



cant_u_read said...

@p: it was the same joel that had me admitting to myself that my "letting go" was just a show. that in reality, i didn't wanna let go. it was that painful first step that made me finally do it. (ok, well... that wasn't the first step. the first was calling joel from a cab to ask him to look up the rebooking hotline of pal)

@joel: wag ka na magrelasyon, friend! tulungan mo na lang kaming ma kaibigan mo pag nagloloka-lokahan kami sa ngalan ng pag-ibig! LOL!

joelmcvie said...

@RYE: Naisip ko na yun, friend. Kaya nga nakaisip ako ng Gay Couples Boot Camp... na puwede ring naka-stilettos ang participants. =)

P said...

@rye: yup...joel never fails to snap you back to reality. just before i talked to him, i was really "tuliro" and he made me realize my choices...that it's really up to me on what to do with the issue. so now, i always recall his words to me as i deal with this relationship one step at a time.

@joel: your words of advise to us pa lang...parang nasa boot camp na kami! hahaha! :)

palma tayona said...

hmmm... just a thought, since you mentioned again your boot camp thing.

for those who are headed smack straight into a bad relationship and are still "wide-eyed" about it... i call them "Bambi". they're like dear in the middle of the road on a dark night. they see an approaching vehicle with bright headlights heading towards them and yet, instead of moving out of its way, they just stare at the light wide-eyed... until they become roadkill.

methinks, part of your gay singles/couples boot camp joel is how NOT to be a Bambi, or at least be able to identify the signs of being one. there are too many roadkills in relationships gone bad.

joelmcvie said...

@PALMA: But then there are those who willingly choose to be a Bambi. You'd be surprised how masochistic people can get when it comes to love. Truly, love is blind. Or as Ralph in "Wait 'til Your Father Gets Hone" said, "Beware! 'Love' spelled backwards is 'evol!'"

cant_u_read said...

@p: yeah, one step at a time. that's the only way to deal with it. so that at the end of the day, whatever comes out of your efforts, good or bad, you can say that you exhausted all means. and then there will be no regrets. just lssons.

@joel: join ako! at 5 ang stilettos ko (u know i'm not issing! LOL), so pwede ako magpahiram sa makakalimot magdala.