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Friday, May 02, 2008

Name Those Singers Contest

(makabagbag-damdaming background music)

Bored ka na ba?
Nalolongkot at walang magawa?
At gusto mong manalo ng TWO THOUSAND PESOS WORTH na premyo?!

(shift background music to uptempo)

Then you’re in luck!

Gibbs Cadiz, theater critic extraordinaire, blogger par excellence, and a man whose name is worthy to be in the same sentence as Butch Dalisay, Lea Salonga and Cher (‘ala lang), has a pa-contest!

Drum-roll please.

All you need is a sharp ear, a love of local singers and x-ray vision that can see through superimposed question marks. Just click HERE, as in NOW NA!

Good luck and enjoy. =)

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