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Sunday, September 14, 2008

From The Mouth Of Babes

We attended this children’s party in Bulacan. My cousin’s first-born celebrated his first birthday, so it was a major bash. They even hired a magician to entertain the kids. Part of the magician’s act to warm up the audience of unruly, hyperactive kids was to ask them some questions.

Magician: “O mga kids, bakit tayo nandito?”

Kid 1: “Para kumain!”

Magician: (after momentarily being thrown off-guard) “At pagkatapos kumain, ano’ng susunod?!”

Kid 2: “Balot!”

Much later, the magician tried to impress his audience with a series of magic tricks with a deck of cards. Because the tricks required sleight of hand, the magician decided to impress the kids.

Magician: “Kids, para saan ang malilikot na daliri?”

Kid 3: “Sa Walter Mart!”

I tell you, those kids were cute but what are their parents teaching them?


E said...

may future si kid....

Quentin X said...

I wonder what gay parents would be like.

Aris said...

kalokah! lol!