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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Kiko Fabcast / Fabcast: Behind The Scenes

After a long time in the U.S., Migs is back, and the Fabcasters are back again! Here is the first of our latest Fabcasts—our interview with Kiko, who described himself as someone who doesn’t have “a gay bone in his body.”

LISTEN: (33 minutes)
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(Music credits: “If You Were Gay” from Avenue Q)

* * * * *

The idea of doing a podcast was floated early on by Migs. But it wasn’t until we became fans of The Dan & Rye Show that we seriously considered pushing through. Perhaps Migs and Gibbs realized that a gay podcast is viable. I personally was just envious that Dan and Rye were having so much fun in their podcast; it was similar to how we three would chats and converse, and I wanted to capture that kind of atmosphere—friends having fun yet speaking their minds out intelligently.

We started out as the Troikasters because there were just three of us: Migs, Gibbs and I. And the dynamics were different back then. Migs as the main host was both arbiter and facilitator; Gibbs was the serious academic (Migs called his lectures “sermons”); and I was the one who often butted in with a lot of non-serious side comments. But each one of us had our individual turns to say our piece regarding whatever topic we tackled.

In the beginning the comments reflected our clear roles; I remember a listener or two being critical of my side comments. At first I was worried but Migs and Gibbs assured me that my side comments provided the necessary break within our Troikasts, preventing them from sounding too somber and serious.

It was after we had Lobster_Tony and Corporate Closet as guests for the topic “long distance relationships” that we considered widening the group. The Troikasters were rechristened The Fabcasters, and the two became permanent additions to the podcasting. After we guested AJ of Bakla Ako, May Reklamo?, we included him as the sixth Fabcaster. For the past few Fabcasts though, AJ has been unable to join the recording for several schedule and health reasons.

I find it funny that the roles have evolved. I still do my side comments, but as I review the Fabcasts I realize it’s now Gibbs whose every other comment has a punch line at the end. The others all chime in with their own jokes too. Migs is still the main host and arbiter, Tony is quick to raise a contrary point of view or point out a hasty generalization, and CC remains our favorite punching bag. Meanwhile I’ve consciously taken a backseat, because during the recording I put on my producer’s cap and monitor the recording.

As producer my task is simple. First I make sure that the venue is conducive for recording—ambient sound must be kept to a minimum, and the place must not be too echo-y. Then I try as much as possible to capture the spontaneity and the fun that goes on. It’s like reality radio—what happens, happens. But when editing I am conscious of keeping the pace quick and entertaining, which is why I shorten Gibbs’ numerous “ahhs” and “uhms” (I too am guilty of that). And the primary consideration is to make sure that sentences and trains of thought are connected and finished. But I try to keep the rowdiness intact; it is what keeps us in stitches, and that I believe the reason we continue to remain friends is because we make each other laugh.

To those who continue to enjoy listening to the Fabcasts, thank you, thank you very much!


Xander said...


I still remember the Troikaster days. The Vince de Jesus Interview was an early favorite.


Angelo said...

listening to this tonight. :)

MrCens said...

salute to you!

you made each podcast very interesting... the songs, the beat, the voice were put together amazingly that made me upbeat from start to end.

the blare witch project is my most favorite. less sense but very addictive.

when migs did podcast about cruising place in the metro, it was less appealing because you did not let your golden hand touch it...

~Carrie~ said...

Naalala ko ang unang fabcast na pinakinggan ko: ang Tenchu. Then sunud-sunud na ang pag download ko ng podcasts dito sa site. Kakaaliw... keep up the fab work, mcvie :)

joelmcvie said...

@MRCENS: HUY! Wag ka naman ganyan! To be fair to Migs, he never had any background experience in production. But given that, he was still able to produce a podcast, so let's give him props for that. Konting experience lang with him, and he'll be able to do what I can do also. =)

MrCens said...

sir joel,

natakot tuloy ako. i been following him faithfully for years now and allows me to join his networking site, MGGFF. i hope migs will not misinterpret my comment.

world peace!

joelmcvie said...

@MRCENS: Don't worry, I'm sure Migs will take your comment in its proper context. Besides, he is Mister World Peace, so I'm sure he won't take it against you. =)

Relax. =)

Ming Meows said...

Im a fan!!! wanna be a guest someday...

london boy said...

im a big fan, you know that!

all of the podcasts are in my iphone. and i still listen to the old episodes whenever i feel lonely.

see you soon joel!

MkSurf8 said...

i will back-listen. hehehe. di ko ata napakinggan pa ang troikasters. =)

i am beki said...

i'm now a fan! all the podcasts including this one .. really made my day!

keep it up fabcasters!

<*period*>; said...

hi idol.salamat sa production.i love the way you presented kiko..with the avenue q song..

made me decide to write an email to mgg...juts dont know how he would handle

closet case said...

punching bag??? that's my role?!? hmmmp!

Désolé Boy said...

wow! a year after, here i am commenting on this.
hmmnn, kiko sounds really interesting. great job fabcasters!