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Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Several months ago while I was on my way to Malate, I received a call from Bryan. I had SMS’ed him earlier asking if I would see him in Bed. He sounded down and out on the phone. He was already in a taxi on his way home. Apparently, Bryan saw his ex inside Bed, and that brief sighting, no matter how short, brought back all the painful memories. He had to rush out of the dance club and flagged the first cab he saw.

Cut to earlier today. I was in an event when my phone buzzed. It was an SMS from Bryan.

BRYAN: I read your blog on K and E and the AIDS test. Your style reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw.

McV: Really? Oh shoot, I was aiming for a Stephen King style. Choz.

BRYAN: Anyway. Ewan ko ba. I’m seeing someone now and he’s so into me. But I’m not that into him. And I think it’s because he’s so into me. Kakalokah.

McV: I know that feeling. It takes away the excitement when the other guy’s devotion is so total. Give us the possibility of loss, please! There’s more drama there! Hahaha.

BRYAN: Well, did I say that the guy who’s so into me just so happens to be the same guy who dumped the guy who broke my heart—and is the reason I didn’t go to Malate?

McV: OMG. You are sooo EEEEEEEEVIL! Haylaveth! Can I ask permission from you to blog this?

BRYAN: Of course.

Sometimes the really interesting revelations happen so nonchalantly.


cb :: 林偉文 said...

the plot thickens... haha i love it. i don't go to malate either because of haunted memories.

Anonymous said...

i love the story. makapunta ngang Bed.

word verification: donce

Vince said...

Lots of stories started and/or ended up in Bed. I got a couple myself. :-)

Ming Meows said...

maliit lang talaga ang mundo.

~Carrie~ said...

Yeah, the K and E episode is a feel good entry. Reminds me of the ones I took before. Oops! TMI.

I like the juicy bit of this entry. Hehe...

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

don't we just love malate, mcvie? :-)