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Friday, May 07, 2010

The Bodyguard, Part Two

It took a while for me to see A again since, as I guessed correctly, his shift had changed.

So last night, I saw him at the front desk of the lobby, all alone. Goody. I approached him, engaging him in small talk. He asked me about my work out. I praised him for being in shape. He decided to show off by flexing first his left then his right pectorals. Whoa. Despite him wearing an undershirt beneath his uniform, I could still see the muscles move under all that clothing. Impressive. I engaged him in more small talk regarding workout habits and the size of t-shirts he likes to wear. He said he prefers medium, because he likes a tight fit. And as he was saying that, he rubbed his pecs and flexed them again. Man, it’s really warm even at night! I decided to hit the elevator button to go up.

“Sir, gumigimik ba kayo?” A asked.

Oo,” I replied. “Inuman, ganyan….”

“Sir, gimik naman tayo minsan!”

Aba. Ayan na.

Sige ba,” I replied.

“Sir, kunin ko number ninyo,” A said, and reached for pen and paper. Then he laughed. “Ay, ilagay ko na lang sa phone ko,” he said, pulled out a sliding Samsung phone from his pocket and handed it to me. OMG. I saw the photo on his display wallpaper—a shot of him with his shirt off in front of a mirror, using the camera in his phone. OMG! Is that a six-pack I see before me? I swear I was so distracted I might have typed in the wrong number.


The elevator door opened, and another guard plus someone from maintenance stepped out of the elevator, talking and laughing. I immediately ran after the closing doors of the elevator. Inside, I waved at A before the doors slid shut.

Around 15 minutes later my phone buzzed. It was a text message from an unknown number: “Hi sir.”

I texted back: “A, is this you?”

Buzz. “Yes sir.”


Anonymous said...

hard on!

goodluck sir ;-)

rudeboy said...


That is all.

efrenefren said...

This is really is it. *kilig*

Guyrony said...

Oh My God, hotness!!!

How come I haven't seen him yet???

Hahaha! In due time, I shall! Plus his washboards!

What's his number?

Guess one more textmate wouldn't hurt, right? :)

Anthony said...

hmmmm... can't wait ofr the next update. Makes me kilig!!! hihihi

Mac Callister said...

go go go!whitney houston ang drama mo na niyan "the body guard" LOL!

sana may kasunod pa haha mukhang may magandang mangyayari hmmmm

Tony said...

Eto na! Inuman na! The McVie is doing a Dalumat. :P

Anonymous said...

Sure na! Masarap ang jaguar.

joelmcvie said...

@BLUEYELLOWRED: I almost had one while typing in my number.


@EFRENEFREN: Anubeh. Kilig? Ano yun? =)

@GUYRONY: Nope, you won't have his number. You're exclusively dating someone already. To quote Rudeboy: "Hussy!"

@ANTHONY: Isa ka pa. Kilig ka jan.

@MAC CALLISTER: "Indaaaaaaaaay...! Will always lab yuuuuuu...!"

@TONY: Sis! I need you and Dalumat, pronto. I need your tips and advice.

@DAREDEVILRY: Sana malinamnam yung mga pandesal niya.

Felipe said...

Pucha ang sakit ng puson ko.

Kane said...


Naloloka ako sa mga comment ng mga baklaaaaa!!! Talagang kinilig?????

Hahahaha... So kelan ang gimik? At puede bang sumama?


jason.matias said...


Marcus-kos said...

Panalo! Looking forward to the next installment! Ahlavet!

migs, the manila gay guy said...

Ang havuh ng heyr, umabot dito sa Amerika!

Go, teh!

Anonymous said...

LOL @MAC --- gay moment re: bodyguard! and i, eyay! :-)

Mr. Brightside said...

^_^... baka nmn sa unit mo na ang susunod na gimik? hehe.. keep on flirting ;)

icarusboytoy said...

bumili ka na ng medium sized shirt the next time you go out. pampasalubong. pwede na f&h. haha