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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Here Come More Trailers!

Here is Here Comes The Bride’s “extended web-only” trailer. Why web-only? Apparently MTRCB had issues regarding two scenes with Angelica Panganiban: when she mounts a guy and when she was pole-dancing. Wow ha.

And here’s a more Hollywood-ish type trailer version to whet your appetite some more. Can’t wait for May 12!


Mr. Brightside said...

Manonood ako this coming Saturday... can't wait for kimmydora 3 ^_^

imsonotconio said...

me din im excited!!!!!!!!

Felipe said...

achieve na achieve!!!

victor said...

This opens May 12? Bale, medyo kasabay ng election results. There couldn't be any better timing. I suspect we will all need this movie. LOL.

Fidel Antonio Medel said...

I hope this film will be as good as Chris Martinez's independently-produced comedies (100 and Kimmy Dora).