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Monday, May 10, 2010

Headache, Anyone?

I bought this new set of headphones called Chops. It’s from the brand Skullcandy, and according to the packaging it is “Developed in Park City, Utah. Made in China.” I guess it’s also packaged in China, because if you look at the literature on the container, it reads:

“The Chops hanger anchors ear buds to your skull in much the same way unruly pork chop-style sideburns helps secure an unprecidented (sic) volume of folk punk to your dome during your synchronized swimming routine.”

Whuh? Sakit sa bangs.


Felipe said...

Baka naman coded yan. I-copy and paste nga sa jejemon translator. Ehehehehehehehe.

Guyrony said...


And to think it was by Skullcandy. A high end and trendy headphones/earphones maker.

Shame on the bad translation!


Why not hire Filipino chinese instead?!


icarusboytoy said...

i can't imagine you wearing those skullcandies. parang hindi bagay haha :p