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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

But What About Safe Sex?

With all of this HIV and “take the test” talk, I feel that there is now too much emphasis on knowing the status of gay men. I mean, it’s actually good and I’m all for people knowing their status now, not later. But what I feel is being neglected is the other side of the coin in the fight against HIV: promoting safe sex.

In marketing terms, the biggest problem is how to make safe sex desirable to the target audience. In other words, make safe sex both sexy and fun. One of the biggest hurdles for most people to adapt to the safe sex routine is the use of the condom. First there’s the “I don’t like the loss-of-sensation when covering my d**k with rubber” excuse. There’s also the “screech-to-a-halt” factor when, in the heat of things, one kinda pauses while putting on a condom.

Regarding the first hurdle, the only solution is for one to get used to wearing a condom. My suggestion is to use ultra-thin condoms, which allow for maximum sensation.

As for the second hurdle, the trick is to be able to put on the condom in a quick, easy and non-disruptive-of-the-moment movement. To do that, one must already be familiar with how to put a condom on. Practice. I remember one afternoon when I was in high school, I stumbled upon my dad’s stash in their bedroom dresser. I got one and played with it. I jacked off with a condom on; afterwards I thought, oh, so that’s how it worked!

Another cause of delay is determining which way the condom unfurls. To avoid that, I suggest you already take out the condom from its container at the start of foreplay. Make sure that when you place it beside you, you know which direction it unfurls.

Incorporating the condom into the foreplay. You can ask your partner to slip it on for you while stimulating you further.

I’m sure there are other useful tips. Can you guys suggest other ways?


Anonymous said...

modesty aside, i know how to put it on my partner using my mouth. also takes alot of practice.

Erick Garcia said...

It's a matter of getting used to it. Also, it is an all-in-the-mind factor. When you think that there's no sensation when using condoms, then you really can't feel the thing. I always tell my friends, straight, bi, and gay who disapprove its use—you'll get the hang of it.