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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Further After-Musings

I was struck by the reaction of Palma Tayona to my previous post regarding Migs’ behavior during our Fabcast with Boy Shiatsu. And while I’m definite that Migs can very well take care of himself and doesn’t need defending from me, I also like to take this time to clarify certain things, just because I can.

We did goad Migs to state his “very raw” feelings regarding sex workers (you can hear it starting around 18:32 of the Fabcast), and he complied. What we really appreciate about Migs (and Gibbs has pointed this out time and again, even in our Fabcasts) is his fearlessness and honesty with himself. And we also appreciated how he trusted us Fabcasters (and you, the listeners) enough for him to show us his unedited self. Not many people can be as fearless in being that honest and open in public as Migs during that Fabcast; I know that I can be careful and even calculating with what I say during the Fabcasts or write in my blog. That he did so, and challenged us to do the same, took a lot of balls. And for that I applaud him.

Not only is Migs fearless in being honest with himself, but he’s also not afraid to confront who he is and even question himself. And despite showing us his reservations regarding sex workers, he did appreciate the different opinion that Gibbs and I stated (beginning 26:00). I wouldn’t be surprised that Migs in the future will reassess again his attitude regarding sex workers.

Collectively we all agreed how Migs’ honesty made for one of the most interesting Fabcasts to date (immediately after the recording, we were all marveling at how intense, and therefore how interesting, the discussion was). The next day during breakfast I brought it up again with Migs, and he did say, with a wave of his hand, that he was tired of safe answers, either from him or from the other Fabcasters.

My musings in my previous blog post were my attempt to explain why I am more blasé and matter-of-fact when it comes to sex workers. I was more puzzled than angry at Migs during the recording. That night Migs played a role different from his usual objective and understanding host. That threw me off, but heck, I thought it was worth it.


palma tayona said...

I apologize for commenting again and I will make this short.

I fully appreciate the honesty on Migg's part. I applaud it as well. But what followed, I chose to keep my hands still. What, and I reiterate, disheartens me is the resounding condescension.

Putting one's self experiences as a measuring stick to assess another's (the 'easy way out' statement in the discourse or the "Therefore… I value yung mga taong who would go [for a] virtuous kind of work.”) is akin to being high-ended and saying, "I have done this, why can't you?"

I can never agree to that point-of-view but it doesn't mean I will not respect it. I just simply wish, if one truly cares for the other, see him/her in his shoes. Borrow it and walk a mile in it before saying anything.

Thank you.

12th said...

Sometimes, we just can't help our ID from getting up and saying, "MAZAFACKA!" It's often unpleasant, inappropriate, incorrect or way out of line.

I make the same, knee-jerk judgments about many things, only to realize later on that I made a mistake, or was simply being a jerk. Unfortunately, I'll carry these biases, prejudices, habits, failings, weakness to my grave.

One consolation is that I can still be self-aware or be made aware of them. If, after that realization, I still have the desire struggle to be better or do good the next time, then there's still hope for me, indeed.

Demonyitong Promdi said...

maiba naman..magsa-sariling sikap..este..sariling wika naman ako.. ;D

sa katotohanan po, natatakot ako kay Ginoong Migs, para bagang sa pagiging makatotoo nya sa kanyang mga sinasabi at sinasaloob, kapag nakaharap ko s'ya, malalait nya ako mula ulo hanggan paa..

para siyang isang Maestra na masisigawan ako dahil mali ang aking inasal o naasal na salita..

maari po na mali ako sa aking mga tinuturan dahil hindi ko po kilala si G. Migs ng personal, katulad ng pag-kakakilala ninyo sa masaya po akong hihingi ng patawad kung ako ay nagkamali..

joelmcvie said...

@DEMONITONG PROMDI: Tama ka, mas kilala namin si Migs at hindi naman siya 24 oras na naninigaw. 23 oras lang. CHOZ. Seriously, part of Migs' bluster during the recording was for show. And that's why I never took it personally. So relax; if ever you get a chance to meet Migs, say hi. He won't bite. (Unless that's your fetish, LOL)