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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reaction Shots

So this independent film maker Rafa Santos stirred a hornet’s nest by joking on an ANC interview that he hires theater actors because “you can feed them Sky Flakes three meals a day and pay them in cat food.”

Understandably theater actors are now up in arms, demanding for his head. Well actually, his apology would have sufficed, thank you very much. But he refused to apologize, saying that his words were taken out of context. So now only his head would suffice. Oh, that and a total boycott of his film. Calls were also made for Cinemalaya to pull out his short film.

Meanwhile here comes Bishop Bacani, the same bishop who was forced to step down because of sexual harassment accusations, who recently commented that he finds gay marriage “kadiri.” Now it’s the gay community who’s up in arms online; some have even appended the hashtag #BacaniKadiri on their tweets.

I see the outrage online from theater actors and gay people (most of them one and the same). And I completely understand why they are stark raving mad. But may I request that we tone down the vitriol?

Maybe Santos will never apologize and will never learn from his mistake. Frankly, that’s his loss. I think the public online humiliation he’s currently experiencing is Karmic payback in broadband speed.

But do we need to stoop to insults? Call him out for his insensitivity, but do we need to call him names too? You might find ganging up on him funny; well, that’s the same insensitive humor that got Santos in hot water in the first place.

In the same vein, I know how easy a target for ridicule Bishop Bacani is; let’s face it, one look at his face and you have an easy target. (See how easy it is?) But let us resist the temptation; let us call out Bishop Bacani for his un-Christian ways, but let us also not be as mean-spirited as he is. Otherwise, we all end up on the same side of the hate fence.

You see, I feel bad if we won’t get to appreciate the work of those theater actors who graced Rafa Santos’ film if it gets pulled out or is boycotted. And I would also feel bad if his crew doesn’t get recognized for their contribution to the film either. I say, allow his film to be shown, and let us appreciate the work of the actors and everyone else. Maybe you can even appreciate Santos’ work as a film director, if you can delineate between Rafa the Director versus Rafa the Immature Bad Comedian. If one can do that with Roman Polanski, then I suppose one can also do that with Santos (not that Polanski and Santos are in the same league). But after Cinemalaya, we can boycott any and all productions that he has lined up next, until he apologizes or is forced to hire more expensive movie stars--or cats.

As for Bishop Bacani, well, who listens to him anyway? Oh alright, let us pray for the enlightenment of his mind and the salvation of his soul.

Theater actors are know for bigger gestures and bigger facial reactions, so that the people in the back row can also see their performance onstage. Maybe in this case, it is wise to tone down their performance to one that’s for the camera. And gay people are used to okrayan. Perhaps it’s more prudent to not pitch their reactions in the key of bitch.


Will said...

Rafa has already sent a letter or apology to Cinemalaya about this matter. I just wish he has learned his lesson.

Jedd said...

I actually thought he was trying to make the point that non-theater actors kasi are too diva, have too many demands, andaming arte arte.. while theater people are more practical, industrious, and are willing to give more than they get.

Vince (Discreet Manila) said...

His inappropriate remarks aside, I find him quite attractive. :-p

marky said...

i agree with jedd.
sarcasm ung comment nya.
and it's supposed to be humurous.