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Thursday, June 23, 2011

This Is Personal

It’s alarming, really. The virus is here, it’s real, get real folks. HIV is not some distant disease. It is hitting everybody, not just our community; but sadly, it is within our community that the rise in the number of infections is steepest. You may know someone who’s already infected and can infect others. Worse, you may know someone who’s already succumbed to the disease. When it’s this close, it’s time to take things personally.

The Fabcasters are doing things individually and as a group in helping increase awareness and action. However we’ve only managed to scratch the surface, with our interview with Jake. Luckily there are others who are at the forefront of this fight against the virus.

There is the “Take The Test” Project. Headed by Jethro Patalinghug, this advocacy group focuses on making HIV testing more accessible to everyone, providing more information on HIV and AIDS and doing awareness campaigns on HIV.

There is another campaign called “The Red Whistle” spearheaded by Niccolo Cosme. According to their website, Red Whistle “aims to empower and inspire people to come together and help each other in this battle against HIV and AIDS. We hope to engage individuals and groups to HELP sound the alarm in their respective communities that HIV is here and it must be stopped.”

The message is two-fold. [1] First, if you haven’t had yourself tested, then get yourself tested. HIV is not a death sentence, unless it’s detected too late. So have yourself tested. [2] Play safe. Practice safe sex always. Develop a healthy, positive and fun attitude towards safe sex.

Now is the time to speak up; we cannot be quiet about this. Now is the time to be aware, to know the facts. And now is the time to act.

Take the Test Project:
The Red Whistle Community:

PLUS! A list of social hygiene clinics where you can have yourself tested for free (thanks to 12th for this link):


Will said...

Just got myself tested, proven clean. A clinic near San Lazaro Hospital offers a free 30-minute test. The doctor was very nice and accommodating as well.

^travis said...

thank you for posting this. "...increasing awareness and action." should be everybody's concern and this is a step towards that direction.

kudos. new follower to your blog here.

12th said...

Here's a list of Social Hygiene Clinics for those who may decide to have themselves tested. As far as I know, it's free. Just contact them for questions:

Angelo said...

Thanks for posting, Mcvie!

Will: I went to the SHC at San Lazaro as well a couple of months ago. Very nice and friendly staff. :)