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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Relatively Speaking

There’s always one in every office; a guy or girl who comes around selling food. In our office he’s called Boy Box, because he puts his wares inside a big carton box. I often buy sweet corn on the cob or turon from him for afternoon merienda.

One time Boy Box overheard that I came from a visit to Bohol. “Taga-Bohol po kayo, sir?” he asked. I answered yes.

“Boholano din po ako!” he said. But he was from Batuan; both my parents came from Bilar, so that was that.

Yesterday as Boy Box was leaving our office (he didn’t have any sweet corn that day, so I didn’t buy anything from him), I saw the copy printed on the backside of his t-shirt: Decasa Grand Reunion 2010.


My dad’s middle name, which is my paternal grandmother’s maiden name, is Decasa.

I texted my mom: Was Lola C from Bilar? Because I met a Decasa, but he’s from Batuan.

She replied: Taga-Bilar. The Decasas in Batuan are their relatives.

Oh. My. Gawd!

So I texted her: Oh my, I think I found us a distant relative!

She texted back: I only know a Gustavo Decasa from Batuan who usually stays at Tia Dolly’s whenever he comes to Manila. Sumalangit na yata.

For a few seconds I stared at my cellphone’s screen. Gustavo?! Jeez, how did they come up with those names?

Tomorrow I will ask Boy Box if he knows of a Gustavo Decasa. If he does, I will ask for a major discount to all my purchases henceforth.

* * * * *

P.S. -- (June 10, 2011; 4:13pm) I asked Boy Box, “May kilala ka bang Gustavo Decasa?” His face lit up and he said, “Ay sus, lolo ko yun!” So it’s CONFEEEARMED, we’re related.


Demonyitong Promdi said...

Wow! you really don't know who you'll meet in our daily walks of life..

abangan ang susunod nakabanata..hehehe

Mac Callister said...

hahaha!yun pala ang totoong intensyon!

atleast, may new relative ka na,kakatuwa yun ganun na suddenly un tagal mo na kakilala malalaman mo relatives pala kayo :-)

icarusboytoy said...

cute ba? hehe