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Monday, May 14, 2007

14 May 2007, 8:30 a.m.

There! My right exercised, my duty done.

My dad’s name is still on the Comelec list, though he’s been dead for three years already and my mom had notified them already. My mom’s name is also on the list even though last December she had her voting precinct transferred to Bohol so she can vote there.

(rolls eyes)


Horny Peter said...

Ay naku! Yung lola ko nga nasa list pa rin kahit nadead na siya 5 years ago. Dapat ina-update na yang lintek na list na iyan!

Ritche said...

Seems like Comelec is not really doing their job. Here in Australia, the list is available to the public even before the election. Check out:
. I am impressed by this efficiency. Voting is compulsory here. Whether you actually put a name in the ballot is up to you (i.e. you can abstain but you still need to go to the polls or you will be fined). Voting should not just be a right but an obligation as well.