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Monday, May 14, 2007

Why You Must Listen To The Dan & Rye Show Podcast

This is addressed to Filipinos of all persuasions—boy, girl, bakla, tomboy, asexual, bestial, whatever!

Of course I have to write again about their fantabulosaexpialidociousnessezzes podcast. You ought to be listening to them. Super entertaining ever ang tambalan nila. Iba talaga kung may chemistry ang mga nagpapalabas, and in fairnezz hindi lang chemistry meron silang dalawa, but psychology, physics, botany, PE, bio(t)logy at Home Economics! That rare chemistry will ensure that it will be a long, long time bago ka magsawa sa kanila.

The two aren’t ditsy airheads. May sense when they talk. They can tackle serious subjects like gay marriage and ask pertinent and insightful questions, but at the same time have a super-babaw at aliw na hudapakshet! portion. Kakalowkah! Talk about hanep sa range, ha. In fact, I see a future in traditional media for the two. Maybe start with radio and then, who knows? They may become the first Pinoy gay talk show hosts.

Lastly they gave a shout-out to me, so now I’m shouting back. ‘Wag kayong mag-alala, Dan & Rye. Sa susunod na podcast ng Troikang Migs, Gibbs & moi, I will give a genuine shout-out to you guys. Pramis. (Babaan ninyo ang volume pag makikinig.)

Sa ating mga kafatid sa pananampalataya, anufa ang wini-weyt-weyt ninyo diyan?! Click and listen na evur sa The Dan & Rye Show! Or else magiging straight kayo. Na pagong.


Leigh said...

I clicked on the link in the last paragraph and it said "page not found." Can you double-check the URL? :)

PS I'm back! :D

DAN said...

Thank you for composing this blog about our podcast! Nakakataba ng puso... this is so kasuy.

Dan and Rye said...

Thank you for composing another blog about our podcast! Nakakataba ng puso... this is so kasuy.

joelmcvie said...
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joelmcvie said...

LEIGH: Oops, sowree! Technologically challenged akesh. Ayan, naayos ko na. Click away! (FYI: "The Dan & Rye Show" is also in my McLinks. Sana yun na lang pala ang kinlick mo.)

DAN & RYE: It was my pleasure plugging your podcast. (Heck, I do advertising for a living, noh? Might as well advertise podcasts that I love.) Go sisters, go! Gay powers activate!

aries said...

really like the term "kasuy"