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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tagged By Gibbs

I rarely bother myself with tags, but since it was Cadis I decided to Gibbs in to his request. Hoy Gibbs, ang hirap nito ha! Maybe because what people consider weird, I don’t.

O sha, ZsaZsaaaaahhh!

* * * * *

[1] I dance when I’m alone in the elevator. After I make sure there’s no security camera, of course. And I try to prolong the dancing until the very last nano-second, as the doors are opening and the people outside are about to catch you in the act. It’s all a game I play with myself. The CCP service elevators were my all-time favorite; lower basement to the fourth were my dance floors.

[2] When I’m alone in my car and I approach a security checkpoint in one of Metro Manila’s streets during the wee hours of the morning, to ensure that the police don’t bother me unduly I make sure they see me picking my nose absent-mindedly. So far they just wave me on.

[3] I also eat corn methodically, but not row by row. Instead I take a bite starting from the “top” end then I rotate the cob and bite on the next row until I clean up one round. Then I take a bite off to the right then rotate again. Usually each bite takes off four kernels by three rows, or about 12 kernels all in all.

[4] I also have a high physical pain tolerance. (Emotional pain? Uhmmm….) Whenever I get my teeth cleaned my dentist asks me almost every five minutes, “How’s this? Ok lang? Does it hurt?” and I always have to assure her no. As if she doesn’t believe me, and that I’m just putting up a brave front for her. Heller?! Hindi ka kaya cute male dentist, ano? Sayang ang effort kung pakitang tao lang, noh? Needles don’t bother me as much anymore after I realized that the anticipation is scarier than the injection. So I just look away just before they prick me. (That’s the only time I look away from a prick. Ehehehe.) And it’s always, “Huh? That’s it?” afterwards.

[5] I actually relish eating alone, especially in fastfood joints. It don’t mean I prefer eating alone all the time, but there are times when I fancy more going solo. All the choices are mine and mine alone. And you take that time to reconnect with yourself once again.

[6.a] Related to the previous number: I also take my solo lunches and dinners as my reading time. The more toxic the workload, the more I need my alone-time. And that’s when I catch up with what’s happening, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, Time or Newsweek. Or I finish off a chapter or two of whatever books I’m reading.

[6.b] I choose to read more than one book at a time. Not read them simultaneously, of course. I read a chapter or two of a book one day, then a chapter or two of another book the next day. I decided to do that to challenge my ageing memory. Reading that way forces me to try and remember what I read a night ago; memory stretching exercises, if you will. I don’t know if it’s working or not, though.

What was I just talking about?

* * * * *

Done! Plus one extra number pa, o sey? As usual I refuse to tag anyone. You’re all grown-ups; you choose whether you want to do this too or not.

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