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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Shameless Plugging!

It’s not every day that I plug someone else’s website in The McVie Show, but I have to introduce you guys to this wonderful duo.

Introducing The Dan and Rye Show!
Dan & Rye are two fabulous Filipino performers working in Hong Kong Disneyland. Yes, OFW po sila, pero bonggang OFW. Yung tipong hindi nagpapadala ng audio cassette sa pamilya para magkamustahan. Excuse me, naka-podcast po sila. Their podcast is really about anything and everything and even nothing, yet the chemistry of the two is what makes their podcast so entertaining. Just listening to them is hilarious, dedma na sa topic.

They are only on their seventh episode, and they’re obviously still finding their way as to what the show will be all about. But I’m fairly confident that their show will evolve. Hopefully it becomes a tighter, more focused show. The fact that they can sustain their chatter for minutes without a lull is a good sign that they can sustain their show on this kind of format for a long time.
For more Filipino fag fabulousness online, listen to The Dan & Rye Show. Support our sistahs!


Anonymous said...

panalo to!


dan and rye said...

hi mcvie!

maraming maraming salamat sa blog entry mo na ito! you will never know how much this means to us.

do listen to episode 10. we made a special mention of u.

dan and rye