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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sweet Branding

Leigh just came back from Florida, USA (not Pampanga) after receiving the Clio for one of our print campaigns. But who cares about that, right?

What was interesting is her pasalubong for me: two boxes of candies, one natural cherry tarts and the other natural raspberry tarts. But who cares about that either.

What’s really interesting is the packaging.

Cool, huh?

At the back is the packaging rationale. “HOW TO USE YOUR BOX: It’s a harsh and judgmental world we live in. Every day, people are wrongly labeled before they even have a chance to explain themselves. To operate “I’M NOT STRAIGHT” candies, simply place your box in a highly visible area while sitting at a bar, restaurant, or social event to combat what others are probably thinking about you, without ever saying a thing.”

The candies are a product of Blue Q. On their website at are other hilarious “I’m not” choices.
(P.S. – Hay naku, the first two pics are a reminder of why I never really liked cameras in phones in the first place.)


Ernesto said...

I love it! My top three from the list: (1) I'm not a tranny, (2)I'm not an Asian terrorist, (3) I'm not a scientologist...Its soo random and hilarious.

mrs.j said...

just dropping i like ur site and im a fan of the podcast u guys are funny,,,