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Saturday, May 19, 2007


Oh my god.

Kilala ko ang mga salarin na gumawa nito, ahahaha!

Oh my goodness. I remember when Alice Dixon, “I can feel it” and her roll-left-shoulder-twice-then-head-twist-to-the-left-with-matching-big-smile! movement was all over the pop-o-sphere when that came out. (It also drove up the sales of Palmolive Soap, but why talk about that?) No self-respecting gay man at that time would want to be caught not knowing that shoulder-and-smile move.

We can laugh now at how cheesy the whole thing is, but at that time it was groundbreaking. And our client laughed all the way to the bank on that one.


Nelson said...

nakakaloka ang mga hairstyle, courtesy of spraynet! hahahah!

Sobrang 80s ang dating haha

joelmcvie said...

NELZ: Ang OA, di bah? Pero lord knows the number of girls and guys who made rich the makers of spraynet and shoulder pads during that era! Hahaha!

cant_u_read said...

hi mcvie!

magpapaalam lang ako na i-post ung link mo sa blogs ko..

pwede po ba? :-)

--rye of the dan and rye show

joelmcvie said...

RYE: Ay sus! Go at link-kiti-link ka lang. :-)

And I'll link your blog too, ha?

Phillip said...

Oh my gulay! Alice Dixon! Shiela Israel!

At dahil sa commercial na ito, nagkaroon ng joke sa akin nung grade school.

"I can feee-lep..... CHAK!"

Hahaha. 80's trademark itech!!

cant_u_read said...

shirley maclaine! :-)

thedownpayment said...

ha ha! this was a funny commercial. i wonder what'll be classic camp and kitsch in about ten years time?