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Friday, January 23, 2009

Bayot-iful Girls

Most of the gay beauty contests, or “beau-cons,” that I’ve watched are fun yet exasperating at times. Fun because it is one long, gay romp; it’s a fantasy-come-alive for men who want to revel in being beautiful. Exasperating because at times the silliness can be repetitive, even expected. Sometimes things can just end up being sad. In beau-cons, the ones who do not make it to the semi-finals are called “thank you girls.” These girls don’t even make it to the Q-&-A portion, where for me most of the fun happens. No wonder “funny beau-con answers” is a genre unto itself.

While watching Charliebebs Gohetia’s The Thank You Girls in Robinson’s Movie World Galleria, I was reminded of the Australian movie Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert and its American second cousin, To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar. As a sub-genre, the road-tripping, cross-dressing movie is not so well represented yet, so it’s a little understandable that those foreign films come to mind. A gaggle of cross-dressing gays hop into a jeepney to go to wherever in Mindanao has a gay beau-con they can join. And when two or more cross-dressers are gathered in fabulousness’ name, feisty comedy and drama occur.

TTYG is a fun enough romp. As the trip progresses, I found myself growing fond of the different characters in the movie (with one or two exceptions of amateurish acting). My favorite moments are the Q-&-A scenes, whether on the actual competition or on top of the moving jeepney. Nothing really new is said or revealed, no new insight. Except for the novelty of hearing gay Bisaya, there is really nothing surprisingly different between gay Mindanao and gay Manila. Which may be just as well.

TTYG thankfully doesn’t force anything unto its viewers. And despite some dragging scenes, the whole movie felt like a breezy trip down a colorful road. Lightly entertaining and mildly diverting, The Thank You Girls may live up to its title critically come awards season, but commercially it deserves a big, warm “thank you, girl!”


Chyng said...


I wanna watch that too! Tagal na yan, pero showing pala sa Galleria ngayon.. Hhhmmm, I'll ask Eugene na sabay namen panoorin! *winks*

"Darkness... is sitting right besdie me!" (--,)

Phoenix said...

I hope local cinemas here in the boondocks show this film ; ) Sounds like fun