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Monday, January 12, 2009

Presenting The Loboc Youth Ambassadors

This is the last of my Bohol movies. The Loboc Youth Ambassadors is a brass band composed of students. In Loboc, tourists can opt to watch them perform at the Loboc Children’s Palace after taking the night river cruise.

Surprisingly I had fun during the 45+ minutes of the concert. At the start I had to fight the urge to cringe in my seat. Truth be told, I’ve always found band covers of pop songs (like the way Ray Coniff and Mantovani—with their respective orchestras—did it in the 50s and 60s) very cheesy. But there’s something about the earnestness of the performance of the kids. They’re so guileless, their performance transcends cheese and, after a while, becomes endearing.

Too bad my camera didn’t have enough bytes; I was only able to shoot snippets of the first half of the show.

(The video file size uploaded was quite big, so please be patient while downloading, especially for those with slower connections.)

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