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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Brit Wit Twits Heroes

Thanks to Geeks United, I got intrigued by this:

As per its Wikipedia entry, No Heriocs is “a British comedy television series, which began on 18 September 2008…. The series concerns the love lives and day-to-day trials of a group of friends who just happen to be off-duty superheroes. It has been nominated for Best New British TV Comedy of 2008 at the British Comedy Awards.”

“Other aspects of society relating to superheroes include:
• Sidekick taxes – any superhero has to pay sidekick taxes even if they choose not to have one, these taxes are to compensate those affected when a sidekick makes a mistake such as blowing up a post office.
• The SPA – the Super Powers Authority deals with abuse of powers cases, dealing out punishments including community service, such as mentoring an unruly sidekick.
• Anti-cape leagues – parallel to neo-Nazi groups in the real world, anti-cape groups (such as the Cape Haters of Great Britain) are prejudiced against superheroes and tell “capeist” jokes, and sometimes go around “cape-bashing”.
• The Fortress – the bar of choice for the protagonists where most of the show takes place, with three fundamental rules: “No Masks, No Powers and No Heroics”.
• A superhero academy exists where the capes are trained.
• Cape rape – a term similar to Date rape, referring to superhero rapists.
• The Stronghold – the supervillain equivalent of The Fortress. A place for the villains to meet and show their battle and torture scars from their run-ins with heroes.”

How cool! And—Geek alert! Geek alert!—below is a sneak geek peek on the set (comic geeks, prepare to wet your pants):


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Yeah, "No Heroics" is a must-see! It's hilarious and wicked. Wickedly hilarious, I guess. It used to show after "The Secret Diary of a Call Girl," another Brit show that's equally brilliant.

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