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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hey Jay!

(From Direk Francis Pasion’s Multiply site.)


Cinemalaya Best Picture, “JAY” will finally be shown in SM CINEMAS in Metro Manila, Cebu, Pampanga, Davao on FEB. 4, 2009. The film is rated R-13 (audiences will see the film UNCUT—even the frontal nudity of Baron Geisler).

The film already won 3 international awards: BEST FILM (ASIAN HOTSHOTS BERLIN), SPECIAL AWARD (BANGKOK INTL FILM FESTIVAL), SPECIAL AWARD (BAHAMAS INTL FILM FESTIVAL). It is the first debut Filipino film to be invited at the Venice International Film Festival. It was also screened in Pusan, Vancouver, Thessaloniki, Bratislava, Oslo, Rotterdam, Goteburg, Geneva, and counting.

The film stars: Baron Geisler (Best Actor, Cinemalaya & Gawad Tanglaw), Coco Martin, Flor Salanga.

*ALL THOSE NAMED “JAY” WILL HAVE FREE ADMISSION. Just present valid I.D. with the name “JAY.”

* * * * *

I remember before that SM Cinemas announced their policy that they will never allow the showing of R-rated movies. They said then that they wanted their cinemas to target only a “family-friendly” audience. So it’s interesting that the movie was given an R-13 rating (yay!) and that it was allowed to show in SM.


Flipping Felipe said...

ay! papanuorin kow itow! Tagal ko nang cush si Baron....! high school pa ako! hahaha.

Mac Callister said...

i cant wait to see this movie!

Ming Meows said...

maybe SM is trying to tap the pink market

jaybeecc said...

that's right, Jay-oh-ee-el. i wasn't able to show my short along with my feature back in 2006 because of this policy. it's good that they're reconsidering, considering the film Jay has garnered several awards already.