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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Cadiz Gibbs Us An Update

Received the following SMS from Gibbs, who’s still in Sorsogon:

“You can’t believe what has happened to me so far: Pa died so suddenly, a typhoon’s raging until now, power’s gone, floods all over town including at our wake, flights cancelled, forcing Mom and kin to go by van. Now they can’t get thru because the one bridge linking Sorsogon to Legaspi is washed out, which puts the Monday interment in doubt. The absurdity of it all is making me alugh now instead of cry. Haaay.”

Yes. Even in death, life can be absurd. Just hang in there, Gibbs, and roll with the punches. You and your family will get through, come hell or—literally—high water.

And thank god for strong cell signals.

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