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Friday, May 29, 2009

Songs While Moving Out

Thanks to XanderKhan! I’m discovering Rufus Wainwright and rediscovering k.d. lang. That a straight guy should remind me of two great homosexual singers is, well, slightly embarrassing on my part.

“I tried to dance Britney Spears, I guess I’m getting on in years.”

“Constant craving has always been.”

One of my most favorite performances by kd lang is her duet with the late great Roy Orbison. They did a remake of his massive hit, “Crying”:

“You wished me well, you couldn’t tell that I was crying over you.”

And her scorching solo performance in Sydney:

I am listening to these great songs as we’re packing stuff into brown boxes. Throughout the day, the movers will be bringing our boxes to our new office. This afternoon we’re having a party on the 20th floor to mark our departure.

And we move on.

P.S. – Don’t you think that…

kd lang looks like…

Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music?


Ming Meows said...

naku, hindi ako makarelate. tanungin ko kaya kay fadir..:)

wonderland said...

been secretly reading your blog for a month now (love your humor)


been caught up with so much work and stuff so it's only now that i got the chance to catch up on all the blogs i read.

kaloka, i was just playing kd lang's constant craving and crying kaninang umaga (drama mode) plus mika (go check his music out too)

yun lang :)