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Saturday, May 09, 2009

On The Eve Of Her Day

At 6:45 in the evening of Friday, 08 May 2009, I eased Orlando into our garage, set the park brakes, and switched off the ignition. Seven minutes later, I entered our living room. My mom saw me from the kitchen and went over to greet me.

“O, ba’t maaga ka, ‘dong?” she sounded worried despite the smile of obvious delight on her face. “May lagnat ka ba?” she giggled at her own joke, yet placed the back of her right hand on my forehead to check if it’s hot or not.

“I’m okay, Mommy,” I replied. “Remember I didn’t go home at all last Wednesday night because of our major presentation? I just decided to go home early today. You know, to even things out.” And I smiled.

“Ah.” My mom nodded once in relief then returned to the kitchen to finish what she was cooking.

And even though I’m already 43 years old, my mom sometimes still treats me like her little boy. And I always submit willingly.

I love my mom.


Herbs D. said...

moms are like the sweeetest things evarrr. well not things, but you know what i mean :P


jamie da vinci! said...

i love my mom as well. happy mom's day to your mom, mcvie!

dabo said...

happy moms day to your mom. cheers!

Ming Meows said...

Oi, naalala ko tuloy yung "Mama" ni Ate Vi.

Jay Quiambao said...

late comment. but still, i know you do love your mom. :)