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Sunday, July 12, 2009

I’m A Mac

The above is just one of the “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” series of ads (ooh, Justin Long!) shown on the Apple website. I love that series. Not only do I find them hilariously entertaining, but they also reinforce the belief that what I’m using is vastly superior to the PCs that 90% of computer owners are using. And even if that were not true, my elitist, contrary nature kicks in and says, “Humph. I’m sooo not proletariat and hoi polloi.” I’ll have my Mac and eat it too.


My most favorite Apple campaign is an older one. It showed a series of iconic people such as the Mahatma Gandhi and Albert Einstein, the apple logo, and a very simple yet powerful message: Think different. How fitting.

Someone recently told me thru text that I rarely connect with people because I view things differently. I was going to object but instead I just let it slide. I do connect with people—I guess 102 who follow me here and the 267 who follow my tweets can attest to that. But yes, I do think differently. Or rather, I do no hesitate to entertain different, even radical ideas. It doesn’t mean that I will immediately embrace such ideas. But it helps me be more tolerant. And tolerance is more than just having an open mind; it is also having an open heart.

(Now, having an open heart does not necessarily mean anyone can just waltz in and stay there. Because the key to my heart is hidden somewhere in my mind, and to find it means stepping into the maze between my ears. But that’s for another episode.)

Meanwhile I’m thinking I’m a green apple because of having “berdeng dugo” and all that, but the Blue Eagle in me is squirming in protest. So fine, I’ll be an apple pie instead. Hey, apple pie is iconic. On second thought, it’s American; now the Pinoy in me is the one who’s squirming. Shucks.

Oh well. An apple a day is seven apples a week. I’ll be the happiest fruit in the world if I can tempt any Adam with: “Bite me.”


Anonimus said...


I'll give Steve Jobs credit for GUI, and yes he did things differently and thought differently and branded differently, marketed brilliantly and priced his products craftily.

Okay call me a very sour grape for not getting an Apple. But today, the only difference between a Mac and a PC are looks. In the deepest deep of their cores, they're the same, both powered by Intel.

Okay. That's taking it too far.

Intel was Apple's concession to profit, and if they hadn't switched cores they'd have dissipated in their own sacred mist into nothingness and in the process unleash a global state of yuppie calamity. What would they do for accessories? Adamo is way too snob. Only the snobbier will have sight recall. Alienware is too testosteronic, and Voodoo too esoteric. Vaio is just too varied and people wouldn't know it's one until their noses were applying a film of sebum to back-lit LED monitors.

What to do for mass-market snob appeal? Hehehe. oxymoronic, no?

Which brings me to my favorite topic. Accessorizing with a Mac while hogging a Starbucks desk, preferably one that's in plain sight of all "you non-Maccers out there, eat the polymer dust from my violent plastic swipe!" At 0% interest of course. While I, who bought my Dell XPS 1330 in cold cash at almost the same price as a unibody 13" MacPro, will never get the same opportunity to smugnificently appear like, wala lang.

Which is basically why a rabid Apple fanboy like me who was using a Mac before there was InDesign and Pagemaker was just 3.5 will never buy a MacBook Pro (i'm saving up for an iMac hehehe). The thought of being one with these snot-nosed kids who use a Mac for nothing else but social networking appalls me. Or maybe I just want to spank their parents.

I am so grumpy today. Menopausal grumpy.

I tried to change my blog URL and now everything's all mixed up. And neither PC nor Mac will ever prevent momentary lapses of good judgment.

Socio-demographics and parental guidance notwithstanding, Apple will always be a triumph of design and marketing. And that 1984 hammer throw ad will remain etched in my memory forever... rever... rever.. ver... ver...

cb :: 林偉文 said...

i'm a pc user. (shoot me haha) never did have the sense to figure out a mac. haha

i like how you linked your two topics. maybe you can be a buko pie instead but it kinda took out the whole apple thing.

Jay Quiambao said...

You have seduced one Adam here.
Can i bite now?

Anonymous said...

I like that strapline/call-to-action.


WV: accuqat

Ming Meows said...

thinking differently...that's what your job calls for di ba