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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The McMJ Medley Challenge

This challenge might only be relevant to people of my generation, but still. Dare to name all 20 Michael Jackson songs in the medley I made?

(I’m guessing only a true MJ fan can get all in one listening.)


MisterHeuge said...

Nice mix. Let's see..

1. Dont stop til you get enough
2. Bad
3. Rock with you.
4. Wanna be startin something
5. Thriller
6. Beat it
7. Billie Jean
8. The way you make me feel
9. Black or white
10. Blood on the dance floor
11. Remember the time
12. You rock my world.
13. This time around.
14. Scream
15. Dirty diana
16. Leave me alone
17. The girl is mine.
18. They dont really care about us.
19. Smooth criminal
20. .... Mcvie? (that's what i hear)

Anonimus said...

In which case I'm not a true blue fan because I only got 7 and counted 16. Sa unang kinig.

2. Rock with you
3. The rhythm is gonna get you
4. Thriller
5. Beat it
6. Billie Jean
12. The girl is mine
14. Bad

Rainbow Runner said...

speaking of, the ride i got from moa to home last night was a fansss. he's got an MJ cd playing over and over again. oha.

p.s. can i use my itunes to identify the songs? cheater? :-D

palma tayona said...

darn... i think i got about a third of songs. am not even sure if i got the titles right. lol, some i remember only the mtv and/or the chorus. shucks, i feel old.

gotta be starting something
rock with me
mama say
beat it
billy jean
hey pretty baby with high heels on...
black and white
do you remember the time
dirty diana
ebony and ivory
(that song with video he did in a brazilian fabella)
smooth criminal

do you remember the time when the jackson 5 came here and were guests in Student Canteen? darn, i do. nyehehehe... now THAT's being... ancient. ;-)

palma tayona said...

gaheepers! i wrote ebony and ivory (that's paul m and stevie wonder. dum-dum-dum-dum)
it should be "the girl is mine"

joelmcvie said...

@MISTERHEUGE: IN TOTAL FAIRNESS! 18 out of 20! Okay, the last song was not "McVie" (hahaha, nice one) and you got #13 wrong.

@RAINBOW RUNNER: Go ahead, use your iTunes. But if you can identify the songs without resorting to that, then you're a true MJ fan.

Pinkish James said...

This test had me using a notepad for 4 minutes LOL:
1.Dont Stop Till You Get Enough
3.Rock With You
4.Wanna Be Starting Something
6.Beat It
7.Billie Jean
8.The Way You Make Me Feel
9.Black or White
10.Blood On The Dance Floor
11.Remember The Time
12.You Rock My World
15.Dirty Diana
16.Pretty Young Thing
17.The Girl Is Mine
18.They Don't Care About Us
19.Smooth Criminal

I only got 18! The mixing for the 13th song is a bit confusing.. I miss MJ..