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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tour De Force

Remember the time we went on a tour of the National Museum? Well, for those who are interested, they’re offering the tour again, from end of July all the way to September.

I strongly urge you to give the tour a chance. At least once in your life you can claim that you checked out our National Museum and saw—if not appreciated—our heritage.

And what I found utterly delightful is how John Silva started very academic and formal, but as the tour moved forward and the people became more relaxed, he loosened up as well, progressively becoming gayer and gayer in his presentation! Priceless.

The massive “Spolarium” by Juan Luna, and John Silva’s 10-15 minute riveting backgrounder on the painting is, by far, the highlight of the tour and an experience not to be missed.

It’s three wonderful hours on one Saturday for eight hundred pesos only. Go na! (Uhm, I wasn’t forcing you, hm’kay?!)

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Pinoy Gay Guy Confidential said...

Hi McVie,

I hope to take this tour. Hopefully I get the chance.

Have a great day!!! :D