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Friday, July 03, 2009


I’m not a big fan of motorcyclists in the metro. While I’m often unflappable behind the wheel, certain cyclists are capable of irritating me with their inconsiderate driving.

Last night along C-5 I found myself behind a motorcycle with two guys on it. Because it kept weaving left and right, I was paying attention more to the bike’s movements rather than its occupants, although I made a mental note that both of them were wearing sleeveless t-shirts, jeans and matching helmets. By the time we got near the area where SM Hypermart was, the motorcycle driver finally settled on driving on a straight line. And that’s when I got a good look at the two riding the motorcycle.

The guy at the back had gorgeous arms, lean and muscular. The driver too had a well-built torso, with powerful, wide shoulders and bulging biceps. Since they were wearing helmets, I couldn’t see their faces.

The lane on the left opened up, so I swerved there and moved up alongside the motorcycle. I glanced at them; I still couldn’t see their faces. But I did notice that both guys looked like they had flat stomachs and lean, powerful frames. And wait! Was his muscular arm hooked around the waist—and touching the flat abs—of the guy in front of him?

I was suddenly reminded of the motorcycle scenes from Eternal Summer and Formula 17, two Chinese gay movies that I hold quite dear to me (too bad the kids in Love Of Siam were too young to be on motorcycles). There’s something very homoerotic with the image of two good-looking guys on a bike, their bodies touching one another, a private posture done in full public view.

from “Eternal Summer”

from “Formula 17”

Suddenly I felt like swerving my car violently to the right and running them over. Instead, I floored the gas pedal. Orlando obediently obeyed and left them far behind.


Doc Mike said...

Ayoko nang maki-hitch pa sa inyo ni Orlando! Baka anupang mangyari pag may makita ka ulit na ganun!

LOL! =)

Ming Meows said...

PDA on the road ba etoh...

Anonimus said...

The name of your pet car is Orlando? Orlando Vroom?

Reminds me of my much-loved and sorely-missed house pet / housekeeper who (sometimes) kept my my messy flat clean. In my mind I called him Orlando Broom.

Anonymous said...

i love eternal summer. i don't know how to ride a bike so i'll depend on my other. LOL.

cb :: 林偉文 said...

i probably wouldn't run them over but i'll probably roll down a window and scream something jaded like "he's cheating" or "nothing lasts forever!" haha

Yj said...

eh yung motorcycle scene sa bangkok love story?

mas bongga yun teh.... hihihihihihi...