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Friday, January 15, 2010

30 Questions For McVie

Formspring is this site that allows people to ask me questions, and I answer them all, McVie-style. I always loooved audience feedback, so hit me (or Jeeves) with your questions! (See form on the side.)

Meanwhile, I compiled 30 out of 41 questions that I’ve answered so far. Here they are.

* * * * *

[1] Did you ever wake up in bed one time and didn't remember the name of the person who slept with you?

Nope. I don't sleep beside guys whose names I don't know. So if I don't ask for a name, that means I have no intention of sleeping beside him; I plan to either leave or kick him out the room after sex.

[2] When was the last time you got laid?

Just a few hours ago.

[3] Have you ever paid for or have you been paid for sex?

Have I been paid for sex? Just once. I was too shocked, I just held on to the money quietly. He left before I could do or say anything. Have I paid for sex? Back when I'd hit the massage parlors. Nowadays I don't like paid sex.

[4] Has it ever happened that you met the men in your bathhouse episodes in a social or professional setting? What did you do?

So far none. I've seen other bathhouse clients in public, pero dedmahan lang naman. No knowing smiles, no long faces, no long looks, no deep conversations, I know how I want you to say goodbye. Find a circus ring with a flying trapeze, tell me on a Sunday please. (Tapusin ba ang kanta?!)

[5] In a room of 100 typical Filipino men, how many do you think are gay?

Research say 10%, so about 10 of them will be gay.

(But that most probably doesn't take into account the number of trippers, curious and the economically-challenged guys who'll have sex with gay guys just to earn a peso. How can one do research on that?)

[6] What keeps you going everyday? What gives you hope?

Jo'anna gives me hope.

Seriously, I love life. I love being alive. And I love the existing relationships I have.

[7] Does it come to a point when the love for life is not enough? If it doesn't, then I believe you. If it does, what do you do?

So far it hasn't come to a point when love of life is not enough.

So far. =)

[8] Sino si Jeeves?

He's my butler/bodyguard/driver/constant companion.

[9] bakit ganun yung mga tanong? bakit ganun yung mga sagot? –jepoy

Kasi ganun. Ayun.

[10] How good a kisser are you?

Oh, you should see the glowing reviews! Better still, come here and see for yourself.

[11] Why are there so many gays in the advertising industry?

There are so many gays in ANY industry, but a lot of them are closeted. The gays in advertising can easily be out because the industry's very accommodating (just like showbiz, as another example).

[12] Sino si Oscar Alvarez sa buhay mo? by junkyardkid

Masarap ang longganisa niya.

[13] What the... Anong lasa ng longganisa ko?

Malasa, very Vigan longganisa. They came wrapped in newspaper. We picked them up in Cubao... now do you remember?

[14] If you're power top, does that mean Oscar Alvarez is a bottom? (Peace Oscar!) Hahahaha!

I only said I tasted his longganisa. I didn't say I tasted his buns.

[15] What the... from longganisa to buns. What's next on the food trip?

Oh, there are so many parts available, I've no idea where to begin. Breast? Thigh? But I'll skip the innards, thankyouverymuch.

[16] How was the Fabcaster party? by sandwichspy

It was Fab times over!

[17] who is stephenie meyer?

Sistraks ni John. Can't carry a tune to save her life.

[18] why are there gays?

Because God said, "Let there be fabulous!"

[19] When you say you like someone, do you really do or you just like the chase?

I really do, at that time. As in, I really like what I see (so far), and I like to know him even better. (Now, whether I will like what I see or not is something I cannot predict.)

[20] Have you ever fallen in love but kept it a secret for the longest time?

Yes, with my straight best friend back in college. But nowadays I NEVER keep it a secret for a long time—I try to tell them that I'm interested as early as I can. And that's when I scare them off.

[21] is there another blogger you are fantasizing to have sex with? who?

Tiggah's the blogger, but it's his Pooh who I wanna do!

[22] Do you practice safe sex?


[23] Have you experienced being a bottom?


[24] What was the wildest sex thingy you've ever done?

Orgy in a bathhouse when there was a power outage. It was all sweat, body parts and moaning.

[25] If given the chance, will you allow “the one who got away” back in your life?

There is no “the one who got away” cuz he was never mine to begin with.

[26] Who's your secret crush among the Fabcasters?

If I had a secret crush then I can't tell you because it will cease to be a secret; it's a self-nullifying question.

Good thing I have no secret crush.

[27] who among the bloggers have you had sex with?

I may have had sex with guys who are also bloggers, except that I didn't know they were bloggers. As for the bloggers met in Fabcasters' parties: NONE. (Let me clarify: I’ve never met someone for the first time at a Fabcasters’ party then had sex with him afterwards. But I’ve invited guys I’ve had sex before to a Fabcasters’ party.)

[28] If you are given a chance to be reborn as a straight man (or woman), would you take it?


[29] Do you have a big dick?

Not as big as you are.

[30] how does this thing work?

You sign up, invite people to ask you questions, and you answer them as best as you can.



Ronnie said...

Your answer in #18 gave me big laugh. Nice one McVie!

rudeboy said...

Oh, you're on Formspring!

Love the Jo'Anna reference.

Anonimus said...

#18 will always win, hands up.

But I have issues with that word associated with gay, honest. Gay here being equal to and interchangeable with homosexual. Contextual, since that how you used the word.

Heniwey, paano na lang ang hindi fab, or walang desire magpakafab, or hindi lang talaga carry magfab-faban? Hindi sila kasali sa let there be?

I shall exclude myself from all categories stated kse nakikifab din ako pag 70% off.

O... so pano na nga?

joelmcvie said...

@ANONIMUS: Ika nga ni Joker, "Why so serious?" Ika nga ni McVie, "Serioso?!" *sabay rolls eyes*

Anonimus said...

'To naman. Syempre hindi.

Pero serious ako sa 70%.

didinskee said...

yes, #18! Amen to that, sister!

MkSurf8 said...

bayot ka dong?

Mark Lester said...

hey! saw you po on tv sa SOLAR channel.. introducing the new season of my new fav show "vampire diaries"...LEVEL-UP!!! thank you po blog nyo..inspiring.. ;)