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Monday, January 25, 2010

Singing A Different Tune

At first he would either close his eyes or look at the far wall while singing, as if there was an audience watching him sing. Eventually he looked straight into my eyes as he sang. And I realized I was seeing and hearing B in a whole new light.

* * * * *

I first met B at a birthday party of Migs. Then at the succeeding Fabcasters’ parties, he again caught my eye. My impression of him was someone who could charm the pants off anyone. In several parties, guys would eye him and whisper to each other, “Who’s the cute one?” He even locked lips with a couple of guests—and this was all pre-Soju days.

But then he started missing a couple of parties and invites. And in the last party he went to, he looked more harassed than hot. Soon his name was inadvertently left out in the list of top-of-mind, must-invited guests.

We kept in touch through text though. And twice we had lunch and coffee because at that time our offices were just near one another. I even bumped into him at the gym once. All this time I knew he had a partner, so I kept to my best behavior.

Then we just lost touch.

* * * * *

Sunday afternoon. I met up with Migs one last time at Eastwood. Thanks to my Soju-induced state the night before, I had forgotten my cellphone charger and iPod connector at the hotel room where the final send-off for Migs was held; I was going to get them from him.

We were at the tail end of swapping stories when B spotted us. Serendipity indeed. B had moved into one of the condos at Eastwood last December; he was merely strolling at the mall aimlessly. We chatted for a while, then Migs had to leave; we saw Migs off to his condo. And then B turned to me: “Hey, wanna come check out my new place?”

I have to admit a naughty thought entered my mind and didn’t want to leave.

* * * * *

We ended up having a very late lunch of pizza, pasta and champagne. Talked about his new place, the furnishings, his plans still to be carried out. More importantly, he opened up to me the story of his ex, and how he found the courage and the strength to finally walk away from what he thought was an exclusive relationship that turned out to be a two-year-long extramarital affair—with B as the unwitting mistress.

The more we talked and the more the champagne flowed, the more B opened up. Then he stood up and said, “Do you know that I can mimic (a female singer)?” He then played a local artist’s song and sang along to it. I was floored. I swear, he got the voice and the singing style down pat! Here was someone who I met several times before, whom I thought was sooo straight acting—and here he was, giving Lani Misalucha a run for her money! Holee moley!

But by early evening things turned serious once more when we talked more about his ex. And instead of thinking naughty thoughts, I realized that here was another human being hurting, coping and struggling to be a better man. More importantly, he was beginning to learn how to take care of someone he had long taken for granted—himself.

In the end I was able to hold hands and hug him, but I had completely abandoned all thoughts of malice. By the end of the night B was singing again, but this time some faster, happier songs. And when he walked me to my car, I too was singing a different tune to myself.

Last night, “Let’s just be friends” took on a whole new meaning for me. Once more.

* * * * *

P.S. – Huy Migs, walang bistuhan ha. Hahaha.


migs, the manila gay guy said...

Pramis! Love it, Joel! I love this post!

citybuoy said...

sometimes a friend is all you need. it's good that he was able to vent and stuff. sabihin mo nalang next time may bayad na. hehe


sabi ko na nga ba .. uso ang mistress ngayon eh ....


pero nakaka-touch ang istorya ...

lav et!

Wait .... So ... kung taga Eastwood siya ... kapitbahay ko lang siya?! Ahahahaha

rudeboy said...

That was beautiful, McVie.

And wv: promeses

JAY see said...

this made me sad :(

Anonymous said...

woah. you have restraint. it's good.

Aris said...

eherm. parang gusto kong kumanta ng love song. :)

closet case said...

im racking my brains trying to figure this one out, mcvie. ayhetchu.

ash said...

this post is my 2010 fave :) love love love it much!

marKURAMA said...

Bored at work, trying to find something worthy to read, encountered lots of blogs, and lo and behold...

Thanks McVie, it was touching, yet sad, something to smile about and not.