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Friday, January 22, 2010

Thoughts After Six

Great. My blog just turned six and suddenly I’m at a loss. Well no, not really. I’m writing now, right?

I just finished reading several blogs. One of them blew me away. And I realize what Stephen King said, when he explained why he placed his writing table on one corner of his room and not right smack in the middle—you live, that’s why you write; not the other way around.

No wonder I’m having a hard time thinking of what to write. I would tell myself, I’m just too busy producing the Fabcasts. Or I’m avoiding bathhouse stories. Or I should only write about funny stuff. But no. It all boils down to one thing.

I don’t have a life.

Okay, I do have a sex life but I keep most of it off my blog, unless something really interesting or hilarious happens. As for my family life, they’re in Marikina and I’m in Makati; my new family is my housemate and her two pugs. One of these days Bruce and Max will make it to the McVie Show. And as for a love life—what’s that? Choz. Yeah. I’m amazed at guys who just go for it. I’m amazed at the fearlessness and the foolhardiness in which they throw themselves at the uncertainty of Cupid’s spell. No, not amazed; I’m jealous. And scared and frustrated and puzzled and impatient and angry and sorry and trying not to be too hard on myself. I tell myself, the equation is so simple: find someone you like who likes you back the same way. It’s so simple that it’s so difficult. I already have friends and acquaintances, honey. What I need is a bad, good, so-so, whatever-I-can-get romance.

Okay, now I remember why I’m having a hard time thinking of what to write. I said, “No more emo.”


Rygel said...

waaaaa i've always thought I don't have a life either... at least you got to make a post out of it :D

Ming Meows said...

magtayo na lang tayo ng grievance commitee sa blogspot

MkSurf8 said...

be not afraid of the ONE! ;p in other words, embrace emo if you must.

happy 6th!

Anonymous said...

a bit of drama doesn't hurt. but if it's drama all throughout, that may be a problem. hehehe

Tristan Tan said...

It's not enough that you find someone whom you like and who likes you back - make sure that you're in the same timezone, at the least. Haha. But, that's just me and my drama.

Go emo! I can't wait to read drama on the McVie show. Haha.

MkSurf8 said...

tama si Queen Tristan. =) looking forward to drama in season 10. masyadong comedy or public affairs show ang mga huling seasons (susko baka maging sports show???).

bring it on. tissue's ready =)

MrCens said...

i think kris aquino and joel macabenta is the "kambal ng tadhana."

singing:"si julio at julia, kambal ng tadhana...."

joelmcvie said...

Parang may di nagbabasa ng "Comedy is hard. I like it hard." LOL

Oo, pahihirapan ko sarili ko! LOL

Anonimus said...

A lot of people have made a living out of not having a life. Of course, once they started being famous for it, they got instant life. Nawalan ng raison d'être. Parang si Jessica Zafra lang bago nya na narealize na pwede naman syang magpanggap na wala syang life kahit life na life na sya to the max.

Kung susundan nga natin ang pagiisip ni Stepehn King, eh di ang boyfriend nga eh parang life. You have a boyfriend that's why you write, not the other way around. Teka... magulo!

Ganito. Magsulat ka lang ng magsulat. Kase, isa na yata sa pinaka-rewarding na activities yung magback-read ng sarili mong gawa. Ako nga pag wala akong magawa bina-backread ko yung mga office email ko kahit lahat halos I'll get back to you on that, I'll give you an update, at =).

citybuoy said...

ayus lang yan. blog mo naman 'to eh. you should be as emo as you want.

self-censorship is like voluntarily moving to pyongyang. :D

Guyrony said...

Still in Emo mode joel??? :) You can do it!!!


emo-emo talaga 'teh???

go lang ng go ... join lang ng join!!