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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Me And The Boyz

McVie with officemates and Brian Viloria

In all of the offices I’ve worked in, straight guys outnumbered gay men. Which is, I believe, a reflection of the statistical bigger picture. In my current work, however, not only am I surrounded by straight guys, but these guys are testosterone-to-the-max. They are passionate about sports, and the way they appreciate, say, tennis or bowling is “so guy,” as opposed to “so gay.” Their commentaries are often punctuated by “puta pare!” and “freakin’ awesome, man!” And they never even bother noticing the players’ outfits—unless they show off tits and ass.

It’s a good thing none of them are inordinately homophobic, so I can actually be myself in the office. And I am glad that my being there gives me a chance for them to be more comfortable interacting with gay men—that we can be trusted, and that we don’t necessarily lust after all of them 24/7 (just a couple, LOL!).

I’m not exactly angling to be the spokesperson for the gay community to the guys in the office. But if I make even just a small dent and make them realize that, really, gay guys are in the end still guys, maybe they too will change the way they treat us and will influence others as well. And maybe one day they will also treat us as just “one of the guys.”

Dude, I’m actually taller than Brian! (Did I just say “dude”?)


Guyrony said...

Go and be our representative!
I enjoy this post.


jamie da vinci! said...

hes soooo short!!! hahaha!

Ming Meows said...

what's in the pocket dudes!

TianTianTian said...

You actually look more astig than a couple of the guys. :) And Villoria reminds me of Onyok. Heheh

Royce King said...

I love it!
I wanna be one of the 'guys' in school as well!


citybuoy said...

oh duuuuuude! totally represent!

~Carrie~ said...

pucha, pre, be our ambassador of goodwill. You rock, bro!!!
(syet, kinilabutan ako sa na-type koh! LOL. But seriously, represent the gaydom)