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Wednesday, February 14, 2007



Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller will play the leads in 20th Century Fox’s The Hardy Men, an action-comedy based on the Hardy Boys mystery novels. The movie is about the Hardy Boys, after they’ve grown up and gone on to live separate lives, coming together one last time to solve a case. Stiller will produce with his Red Hour partner Stuart Cornfeld, along with Robert Kosberg, who owned the original Hardy Boys rights.


Nelz said...

Somehow I can't picture Ben Stiller with Tom Cruise--sobrang mismatch. For some reason, si Owen Wilson pa rin ang nakikita kong partner niya he he he

Nelz said...

BTW is it true that the writer of the Hardy Boys (Franklin Dixon) is the same as the writer of Nancy Drew (Carolyn Keene)? Pareho ang writing styles nila (pati na rin ang very dubious mysteries that they follow).

I have to confess I collected Nancy Drew more than Hardy Boys. I loved George Fayne (tomboy power!) more than the tabachoy Bess Marvin, and I think Ned Nickerson is waaay too bland (I forgot kung sino ang mga jowa nina George at Bess, but I think one of them is called Burt). And I never really understood what "titian-haired" meant. I always assumed it meant her hairstyle--that roundish fly-away 60's bob that's always depicted on her covers. Anyway halatang bading ako even with my choice of mystery novels hahahaha!

joelmcvie said...

Ben Stiller actually does a mean Tom Cruise impersonation (sa SNL yata niya yun ginawa). I think this move is The Cruise Camp's way of softening and spin-doctoring their client's tarnished image. Just my theory, hehehe.

I too heard that Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys shared the same author (this was back when I was in high school), but I've never confirmed if indeed it is true.