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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Of Sleep And Elections

Memo to me: Don’t stay up ‘til 4am in Bed if you have a 1pm gym appointment later in the afternoon. Trainer Ken had to pull back a bit. Every movement was an effort of universal proportions. It’s like forcing your laptop to run several applications while on low-batt.

* * * * *

It’s national circus time, aka the local elections, once more. The TV ads have started airing, and I don’t care if a friend of mine from the advertising industry was responsible for it, but Pichay’s tagline “Pichay para sa senado: Itanim!” is fucking stoooopid. And someone should tear down all these billboards of Richard Gomez along EDSA: for Bench, Belo and one more that I forgot. Puh-leez! And what the fuck were they thinking when they thought of of the ‘Tol series for Mike Defensor: “Walking ‘Tol!” “Standing ‘Tol!”?! We know he’s short, but what next, “Pu— ‘Tol!” if he’s angry?! “Ka ‘Tol!” if he’s courting the Communist votes? How about six years from now, for his re-election slogan: “Back ‘Tol!”?

Manny Pacquiao, you should have just stayed in the boxing arena, not the political arena.

Elections are in May. It’s going to be an excruciating three months.


Nelson said...

wait a minute -- MANNY PACQUIAO IS RUNNING??? namputah!

Hindi nga??? Muntik na kong nahulog sa upuan ko ah!

Oh well... that's why I didn't even bother to register as an absentee voter... Maiinis lang ako....

XP said...

I'd rather see Ana Dizon running for office... Because Ana Dizon is Ana Dizon..

Did you see that Loren Legarda campaign? Traces of GMA huh?

joelmcvie said...

NELZ: If I'm not mistaken, Manny P. is running for congressman for his district in South Cotabato.

XP: Zinoh zi Ana Dizon?

XP said...

Ana Dizon is Ana Dizon

Nelson said...

Artist ba si Ana Dizon? Baka Alice Dixon, or Ana Roces?

xp said...

read this:

She has come along way from poverty and anonymity. Anna Dizon has now risen to fame and luxury. Dubbed as the "Singing Star of the New Millennium," she worked first as a dancer and a successful singer afterwards in Tokyo, Japan