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Friday, February 23, 2007

Jonel’s Briefs Are The Bomb!

According to CornerEye, the person who posted this in YouTube, this was shot in 1999 for a class project. I pray none of those involved in the project are in advertising today.


Phillip said...

baka siya na yung gumagawa ng mga commercials ng mga kandidato ngayon.

joelmcvie said...

Shet kung ganoon! Pangit na ang trabaho, pero bayad ng malaki naman. Shet.

Nelson said...

Grabe... I did Puritan briefs for my thesis--it's so much different from this hahahah I'll see if I'll be able to cut it and post it on YouTube!

Nelson said...

JOEL: my advertising thesis from 1995 -- PURITAN UNDERWEAR!!!!

30 secs --

15 secs --

Lemme know what you think! It's a bit more upscale than Jonel's -- mala-Bench ang drama. Maloloka ka sa copy ko hahahahha! Enjoy!

joelmcvie said...

NELZ! In fairness, may attempt naman. Who was your talent? At may nangyari ba sa inyo before or after the shoot? Aminin! Hahahaha! Si Ate Luds itoooo!

Pero "It's Heaven down below"? AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Korek, nalowkah nga ako doon!

Nelson said...

JOEL: He's someone from a junior batch at UPCFA, Filipiniana dancer.

He was projecting an image na straight sha, pero gay alarm bells were ringing in my head. I wasn't out back then (pero sobrang obvious sa thesis material hahahha), and he wasn't out either, so ayaw naming pareho ng skandalo.

So get this: in between takes he was flirting with me, asking me to wipe his sweaty body. Prick tease ang gago.

Pero I swear walang nangyari sa amin(although type ko sha hahahahha)!

Anonymous said...

haha i sure hope they're not in advertising but i believe cornereye is a post production house come there's not much underwear commercials nowadays?

joelmcvie said...

ANONYMOUS: A product like underwear need not advertise on TV. With the high cost of producing and airing TVCs, underwear manufacturers have limited their advertising to print and the occasional billboard, plus of course their merchandising materials.

jay t. said...

nakakaloka to haha.naging supplier na namin tong mga to pero di ko alam na may ginawa silang ganito!