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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Move Over, Lovapalooza!

Tomorrow is the time of the year again, when red is the color and heart is the shape. And like (most) every year, I will spend it with the single guys and gals in TA.

We started this tradition more than five years ago, when we realized after a Feb. 14 performance of “Macbeth” that the couples in TA were excitedly flying off to their dates, leaving us singles behind. So we thought, “Why not we singles have a group date?” Through the years the TA couples, jealous that the singles were having fun—and free pizza, thanks to the TA alumni—during Valentine’s, managed to invite themselves over; we generous singles welcomed them with open arms.

Well, this year we decided to make it exclusively for-singles once again. We’re going to a member’s house after dinner, and we’re going to pile up the beer, chips and pizza. We’re going to have an “all about love” group counseling session, and we’re calling it “LOVE-A-PADUSA?” It looks like I’ll be playing Joe D’Mango for the night, since I suspect I’ll be the oldest one there. I promise to rein in my inner cynic and espouse the true, the good and the beautiful about love. Okay, maybe just the true. Or at least what I know is true—for the moment.

This is gonna be fun. Ehehehehe.


Nelson said...

LOL @ Love-a-padusa!

joelmcvie said...

NELZ: Notice the question mark that's part of the title? We want to keep it an open-ended question. :-)