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Friday, February 09, 2007


Hey I can now blog pictures from my phone! Go, my McZ610i!


Nelson said...

Your Mac laptop is the most common (popular) piece of equipment here in Vancouver, aside from the iPod. ;-)

As in cool ka kapag nakita kang tumatambay sa coffee shop (wireless hotspot, of course), habang tumitipa sa keyboard at nakikinig sa iyong iPod.

joelmcvie said...

NELZ: I'm sure the ones there are the Macbooks, mine's an older unit, an iBook G4. Then again, maybe most students will be carrying iBooks dahil mas mura. (Ay teka, I think phased out na ang iBook when the Macbook was introduced.)

The black speakers (kainis, they don't have them in white!) were bought in Bohol for only Php700. At mas mura by about Php1000 yung mga iPods doon (and I mean the latest models, ha). Go Bohol!

Nelson said...

No, comparatively mas mahal pa rin ang mga iBooks dito kesa sa PC laptop (then again baka mas naging competitive na rin recently ang presyo). As for the iPod, one of my clients showed me this Apple player na parang clip -- so small, but can still hold like a couple of GB of music. Astig!