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Thursday, July 03, 2008

And We Pause For A Commercial

Because I like wearing t-shirts a lot, and because there were some styles that caught my eye, I’m allowing the following advertisement to go on The McVie Show:

* * * * *


We have a new online store in town—SparkandStyle. We have the coolest tees available for the fashionable guys out there. Our tees are imported from up and coming fashion tees designers in Bangkok. All unique, all original.

We’d be thrilled if you and your blog readers can visit out website and shop with us. Thanks!

* * * * *

Here are several of their tees:

(Here’s one with a typo: the print on the shirt says: “Bathe together. Do it for the plant.” Er, that should be “planet” instead of “plant”. Duh.)

Go and check out their other tees, they’re quite cool. Visit their website at now. (O ayan! Wala ba tayong libreng t-shirt diyan? Hahaha! Kidding.)


ONAI said...

ini-magine ko tuloy na taking a bathe sa garden for the plants para madiligan sila and save water haha

joelmcvie said...

@ONAI: Hahaha, oo nga ano! I didn't think of that. =)

But if so, may typo pa rin: it should read "plants" instead of "plant". Unless they have a garden consisting of just one plant, hahaha! =)

ONAI said...

pwede rin one special plant making tabo infront/ ringht on top of the palayok paso whatever they call where you puty the plant in...