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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Blog It Forward

There are a number of people whose blogs I read because I am in awe of their writing. It’s not always about an excellent command of the language (although these bloggers have a better-than-average grasp of their language of choice, be it English, Filipino, Taglish or all of the above). Rather, it’s their use of the language that gives them their distinct voice. Whether they are technically proficient or achingly affective (often both), their writing makes me want to shrink in one corner and hide in shame.

But don’t take my word for it. Here they are in alphabetical order with matching links. Read ‘em and weep (like me).

* * * * *

Ako Si Aris

The new blog on the block. Heart-wrenching stories from Malate on a Saturday night, especially in Bed. Whether Aris will stay Bed-ridden or will move on to other venues and themes remains to be seen. But his very personal stories allow a peek into the happy-sad dichotomy of clubbing on a weekend.

Can’t You Read?

As one-half of The Dan & Rye Show, Rye is an all-bubbly Hilarious Clinton. But his blog reveals a deeper, more sensitive side of him. Courageous personal writing that is often uplifting, without any self-aggrandizing fanfare. You know his heart is in the right place, even when partying hard.

Leigh Reyes. My Life As A Verb.

Disclosure: Leigh’s a close friend; her son is my inaanak. Still, her writing can run circles around most bloggers I know; she can wipe her ass with my blog. At heart she’s a poet; you can hear it in the beats of her evocative and efficient prose. Her blog may be personal in nature but her writing is world-class (hey, she’s a Clio winner).


Further proof that comedy requires a sharp mind and a sharper wit. But what makes Misterhubs our favorite legal eagle is not just his obsession with taking a dump and Leandro Okabe, but his recurring bursts of sweetness for his Hubby. Sharp yet sweet—what a deadly combination. No wonder his Hubby flipped over him; you’ll flip too after reading his blog.

Pat Session

I stumbled upon this blog and was immediately hooked. It’s the giddy combination of a smart mind and soul-searching angst wrapped (or is it warped?) in wonderful writing. Angst has never been this compelling.


A pulsar is a dense star, and Mugen is truly a certified blogger star—many can relate to his stories, and many find him inspiring. His struggles with his weight, his sexual conquests, his financial difficulties—everything is out in the open. It’s his courage to reveal so much of himself—in fact, he’s got two personas! and can switch back and forth from English to Filipino with ease!—that, despite the lack of a face pic, he’s one of the most well-known and well-loved bloggers in the blogsphere.

The Bakla Review

When I write about movies and plays, they’re reactions not reviews. Want a more-that-decent review, but with a purposely gay orientation? Then this is the blog for you. If critiquing had a sexual preference, then The Bakla Review (TBR) is decidedly gay. But don’t be thrown off, thinking that the reviews are in Fagalog, or Vhaklush-speak. On the contrary; TBR is one of the better-written blogs around. Insightful and impeccably written, TBR is heaven-sent for all you gay movie fans. And TBR is a lot kinder to gay indie films than me.

The Spy In The Sandwich

All of the bloggers I’ve featured are writers, but Ian Rosales Casocot of Dumagete City is a writer writer. As in seriously, he’s a writer! as in, he gets into these national writers’ workshops! As in, his work has been published! As in, Neil Gaiman is a fan! As in! But what I love about his blog is that it is written in a straightforward style that is never intimidating (for some reason, I still have this impression that most writer writers write for other serious writers, not for ordinary folks). Or maybe I should start reading more blogs of writer writers.

* * * * *

The Emancipation of Thadie

And here’s a blog I would also like to include, even though the blogger has decided to take time off from blogging to concentrate on his studies (that’s why it’s separated from the rest of the list). Still, you can read his very engaging past entries. And he even took time off from his time off to post a picture of him receiving flowers from his labidabs!

* * * * *

I’ve refrained from including any of the Fabcasters in this list for obvious reasons. Besides I check out their blogs almost every day.


Misterhubs said...

Thanks McVie! Reading this gave me an erection. A very stiff one.

May there be more stimulating blogs like yours and the above-mentioned. Cheers to us!


joelmcvie said...

@MISTERHUBS: Given that your stiff erection is reserved only for the Hubby, I feel I must carefully restrain myself from stimulating you any further in the future, hahaha!

pat said...

this is so very very flattering and nice.

thank you, ass kisser. thank. you. Ü

cant_u_read said...


i am deeply touche and honored, joel. thanks for including me in your list.

big kiss!

joelmcvie said...

@PAT: Well, I do love to rim. (Too much information? Hehehe.) ;-)

@RANDY: It seems I'm not the only ass kisser here, hahaha! But seriously, thanks. =)

@RYE: Sis, yun na. =)

Mugen said...

Waaaah... if a friend didn't tell me this entry of yours, I would have missed it completely. Strange, ngayon lang ako nag-skip ng entry mo ah.

Thanks so much for the recognition. Knowing that it came from someone I look up to - ever since the Badinggerzie days is a great honor. Salamat again Mcvie. :)

joelmcvie said...

@MUGEN: The honor is mine. =)

At oo nga ano, ano na nangyari kay Badinggerzie?

Phoenix said...

Whoa! How did my name get included in that list? ; ) You made my day McVie! Now I'm much more motivated to gaze at drawings of women's perineum for our OB hahaha

Thanks so much : )