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(pilot episode: 20 January 2004)

Friday, July 18, 2008

“You Can Never Can Tell”

The two entered the elevator right behind me, and the doors closed. The guy was in a collared shirt, khaki pants; he looked every inch the typical Makati yuppie, including neat haircut and leather shoes. The girl was a little dressed down, in jeans and t-shirt. But from her bearing and the way she addressed the guy, it was clear she held the higher rank. They were talking about office equipment.

“…at hindi na nila pinalitan yung laptop,” he said.
“Wala bang We-Roam yung laptop na yun?” she asked.
“Ay, meron na, Ma’am. Isa yun sa mga unang kinabitan,” he replied.

She was short, pudgy and fidgety the whole time, as if ready to pounce on something or someone. Her hair was cut short, and her thick glasses further emphasized her stern-looking eyes. She spoke in short, clipped bursts; his voice, on the other hand, was low-pitched, his speech measured and careful. I thought he was merely choosing his words cautiously, afraid he might let slip a detail or two that may set off his boss. That is, until I heard her next question.

“Eh may upuan ka na ba, sister?” she asked.
“Ay meron na ho!” he replied almost immediately, as if to drown out with his voice her last word.

Ding! The doors opened at our floor, and I stepped off the elevator with a silly grin on my face.


Anonymous said...

kaya ayokong nagpapaka-baritone voice e...wahahaha!

joaqui_miguel said...

That's why I love Makati. They come in all form. hehehe

Mugen said...


Anonymous said...

my boss always does this to me... kainezz veneracion amputa.. hirap mag emote lalo na pag may mga cute sa elevator..


mister said...

And after you left, the guy strangled the girl with his bare hands. I certainly would if I were him!