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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

If Only We Can Say Out Loud What We Think

I noticed him at the gym floor before. Maybe in his mid-20s, close-cropped semikal hair, goatee, wicked tattoo on his left bicep, a bulky body that hinted at serious muscle under some flab, and a stand-offish demeanor that meant, “I’m serious with my work out, dudes.” So when he entered the sauna, I was a little surprised to see that he had a belly. Hmmm, a man’s man, I thought; he’d go drinking with his buddies at a drop of a hat and would not bother to watch what he eats. True enough he sat down with his towel firmly wrapped around his waist, his legs close together, and his small towel draped over his crotch for further visual protection.

And yet there was something about his vibe that I picked up. So I decided to explore where this intuition of mine would lead.

Tip: check him out discreetly yet obviously. Discreetly: steal glances at his crotch area a lot, but only a few at his face, just to check once in a while if he’s also looking at you. Obviously: steal a lot of glances; make it obvious to him that you’re glancing at his happy area.

After a while he placed his small towel on his side. I noticed the towel around his waist was tenting. Aha! Time to raise it to the next level. I let my towel slip a little lower, allowing him to catch a glimpse of my pubes. After a while he didn’t bother to hide his erection under his towel.

Then he spoke. “You’re checking me out?”


He repeated the question. “I have to ask. Are you checking me out?” His English had a twang.

Aha! Call center boy.

“Yeah,” I put on a casual tone.

He shrugged. “Okay, I don’t mind. Go ahead,” he said, and pretended to close his eyes.

Ahhh, so that’s how you want to play this game, huh? I can play it too.

I leaned forward. He opened one eye and looked at me.

My turn to ask: “May I?”

“What?” he asked.

Braid your hair? Pluck your eyebrows? Manicure your nails? Heller?!

“Touch it?” and I indicated his raging erection.

He didn’t hesitate. “So long as we don’t know each other outside of here,” he said, referring to the sauna.

Ay sus! Ano akala mo, BFFs na tayo after this?!

“I’m cool with that,” I said and reached out my hand.

“Take off your towel too,” he said.

Oh I see! You also get visually stimulated at the sight of a fellow guy’s erection. My, my, my.

I took off my towel and proceeded to part his. A throbbing, decently-sized cock greeted me.

Sigh. Choosy pa ba tayo?

I went down on him. Soon my lips and tongue were playing with his man-flesh. I swallowed him whole; in fact, I didn’t have a hard time suppressing my gag reflex for this one. Yes, his size was that decent.

“Oh f—ah! Fff—uck!” he moaned as I took all of him in one gulp. And while his cock was buried in my mouth, I flicked my tongue at his balls.

“Aaaah, shi—ahhh!” he exclaimed. “Tang’na, ang galing mo!”

Letche, pa-accent-accent ka pa jan, magpu-putang ina ka rin lang pala! At anlutong ng Tagalog, ha.

A few more minutes and he said, “Wow, you’re a cocksucker.”

???!!! Do we state the fuckin’ obvious?!

A little bit more and he gripped my head. “I’m close!” he said. “Can I cum in your mouth?!”

Ay, ganoon? At feeling close ka pa?

Afterwards, as he wrapped his towel around his waist, he said, “This never happened.” And he walked out of the sauna.

Sure! I’ll just blog about it though.


neo said...

hahaha, what an expereience.... one of the most funny blog post i've read. hahaha!!!

i just hope that my predators are as cool as you...

well, obviously he enjoyed it... and might ask for another round... but having that size, never mind...

nice post...

peter penducker said...

hahaha... the power a blogger wields nga naman. he might have the power in the steam room, but the pen (in this case, the keyboard) wields a bigger club.

meron pa siyang pa-"this never happened" ek-ek na alam.

Misterhubs said...

Talk about a steamy sauna!

eugene said...

haha ang saya naman :)

TheBachelorGirl said...

Witty snide side comments coupled with an erotic take-- makes for great snickering gleefully... Hehehe...

pat said...

call center boys. they are such whores.

joelmcvie said...

@EUGENE: Hey, you have a blogspot! I'll link you, okay? =)

Looking For The Source said...

nice and hot.

i wanna see the guy's reaction if he gets to read to this....


i loved the side comments...

joaqui_miguel said...

nice one... hehehe

Anonymous said...

mcvie you're the best!!!!


Anonymous said...


london boy

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! discreets... sometimes I just can't understand them!

Anonymous said...

Love the post - like a ringside seat at the sauna of iniquity..c",)

Jake said...

hahaha! aliw!

mraunch said...

i love the comments hahahahaha

you took the very words out of any gay's mind when it comes to that point

just to add, in the end, you should have said

" 'ne, di ka ganun ka-ganda"

Mugen said...


joelmcvie said...

@MRAUNCH: Well, to be fair may bad-boy appeal naman siya. Hindi nga guwapo, pero may dating-brusko.

And his cock is regular size, given the pinoy measurements. It's just that, malas (o suwerte) niya, talented ang lola mo eh, HAHAHA!

Enrico Nicolas said...

juicy juicy juicy.

odin hood said...

hehe kakaaliw ang side comments...

makes me wonder kung ganyan di ba ang behavior ko with other guys and ano kaya iniisip nila about me.

Tristan Tan said...

hahaha - this never happened? funny guy..

blow_up said...

namura na rin ako ng ganyan:
"tangnaaa,ang galing"
by 2 different guys(guys,i'm shore).

may nagturo sa akin kc ng trick.
"kapag na va-vacuum ka, patigasin mo ang dila mo."

ayun,i guess it works.
(instant, oral validation).
try nyo.

MONiac_pH said...

funny story...marami pang arte, gusto naman pala hehehe...reminds me of a similar experience, though not in a sauna..:)