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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sue-lpicio Lines

Sulpicio Lines sued PAGASA for “gross negligence and incompetence” in predicting the typhoon’s path. Arthur Lim, legal counsel for Sulpicio, said that “PAGASA’s failure to provide proper and updated weather forecasts during the onslaught of typhoon Frank sent the MV Princess of the Stars ‘right into the jaws of death’.”

Sulpicio is demanding “moral and exemplary damages, litigation fees, and attorney’s fees amounting to about P4.45 million.”

They were also reported to blame Del Monte Philippines for allegedly failing to disclose to the shipping firm that the 400 boxes it had wanted shipped to Mindanao contained the highly toxic endosulfan.

PAGASA had denied it was remiss in promptly sending out storm warnings, saying it did so after every six hours.

Read the whole article from here.

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I was never a big fan of PAGASA. It seems that every time they raise signal number 3 over the Metro prompting the suspension of classes on all levels, you can be sure that the sun will shine. But now I’m on their side on this one.

Even CNN’s weather report had predicted Typhoon Frank’s trajectory as skirting the eastern side of the Philippines and threatening the Bicol area. But we don’t need a degree in meteorology to know that typhoons never make up their minds.

So why did Sulpicio allow the ship to sail given the possibility that the typhoon could still change directions anytime? Were they so confident that, even if the typhoon changed course and barreled towards the ship’s path, that it was huge enough to survive the waves? Was it a calculated gamble that failed big time? Was it hubris on Sulpicio’s part that they believed that Mother Nature would behave for them? Isn’t it prudent and even responsible for a shipping company to never second-guess Mother Nature? And did Sulpicio expect PAGASA to know that there were ships sailing towards the general direction of the typhoon?

Meanwhile as Sulpicio is suing others, what are they doing to help in recovering the bodies and alleviating the suffering of the victims’ loved ones? Why did they not allow the floating of the ship earlier—so that they can claim insurance for a total wreck?

Can the families of the victims sue Sulpicio Lines for immoral damages?


Misterhubs said...

Hay. You know naman when these unfortunate things happen. The shipping company and the concerned government agencies would do everything to cover their ass. It's the Blame-Everyone-But-Me mentality. Hay.

Anonymous said...

Dona Paz
Dona Marilyn

I think all Sulpicio Lines got for these maritime disasters was the proverbial slap in the wrist.

Hopefully, this time - somebody will be penalized accordingly.

Best regards.