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Monday, July 14, 2008

The Straight-Shooting Fabcast

The Fabcasters (Gibbs, McVie, Migs and Tony) get some straight answers—and attempt to answer straight—in their talk with Rod, Migs’ straight friend. Part One is mostly about Migs coming out to Rod; Part Two is a more free-wheeling discussion on straight guys having gay friends, straights getting hit on by gays, and the question “Can a straight guy turn gay?”

Music credits: (on Part One) “Hey Boy, Hey Girl” by the Chemical Brothers, and “Take Me Out” by Franz Ferdinand; (on Part Two) “Cloudbusting” by Kate Bush, and “You’re My Best Friend” by Queen.

So you know the drill. There are three ways to listen to “The Straight-Shooting Fabcast” (parts 1&2):
[1] Click here;
[2] Copy-and-paste the following URL:
[3] Click on “The McVie Show In Stereo” link, found on the left side of this blog.


joaqui_miguel said...

Like the rest, this is nice. Very informative. :)

I too had a hard time coming out to my straight guy friends before. I was afraid they will not take it in a nice way and could even mean the end of our friendship. But, was I wrong about it? They took it all like a "man" and accepted me as who I am. :) In fact, they would still invite me to those "boys night out" gimiks. Bottomline, when you established friendship well with people, you will not lose it over having a different sexual preference. In fact, I think a true friend will be one of those people who will be happy for you for discovering your true self.

Just my two cents... :)

palma tayona said...

joel... enlightening yung pag-uusap ninyo. and as usual, magaling ang production values ng podcast. palakpak. una kong napakinggan sa MGG. kay galing. :-)

comment to the comments dun sa mgg (sensya ha? dito ko na lang ilalagay ito kaysa dun sa blog ni MGG at baka batuhin ako ng itlog pag isinulat ko ito dun) natawa ako sa isang nag-comment dun sa postingng podcast na ito sa mgg na nagtatanong kung sino yung 2 lalaki na nag-striptease sa pinoy dream academy. ahem, okay sa segue ah. san galing yun?

dahil dun eh bigla kong naalala ang sinabi ng isa kong kaibigang straight and occasional drinking buddy (and i think this sentiment is shared by many straight men and mainstream straight-acting gay guys as well) and i quote him, "ang nakakaasar kung minsan sa ibang bading eh kung tumingin sila eh para kang lalapain. di nila alam kung kelan maghinay-hinay."

yun lang pow. :-)

joelmcvie said...

@JOAQUI_MIGUEL: Thanks for sharing your story. Coming out to friends is different versus coming out to your family. With friends, you can choose; if they cannot accept you for who you are, you're free to drop them. With family, it's more complicated. I'm glad that your friends embraced who you are.

@PALMA: Haaay naku, yan talaga ang problema ng ibang mga lalake, bakla man o straight. It's just that gay guys feel they can get away with it much more easily. Straight guys may wanna do that to women too (as in, tingnan ng parang lalamunin), but they fear that if they're caught, masasampal siya ng babae o mabubugbog siya ng BF ng babae.